Defined in carb/Types.h


struct PluginRegistryEntry

Defines a struct to be filled by a plugin to provide the framework with all information about it.


This struct has been superseded by PluginRegistryEntry2 but exists for historical and backwards-compatibility. In the past, this struct was filled by the macro CARB_PLUGIN_IMPL.

Public Members

PluginImplDesc implDesc

Textual information about the plugin (name, desc, etc).

Interface *interfaces

Pointer to an array of interfaces implemented by the plugin.

size_t interfaceCount

Number of interfaces in the interfaces array.

struct Interface

Entry in an array of interfaces implemented by the plugin.

Public Members

InterfaceDesc desc

An interface in the plugin.

const void *ptr

Pointer to the interface’s struct.

size_t size

Size of the interface’s struct.