Defined in carb/Framework.h

enum carb::AcquireInterfaceFlags

Flags for use with carb::AcquireInterfaceOptions.


enumerator eAIFDefaultType

Default search type, a plugin name may be specified in typeParam.

enumerator eAIFFromInterfaceType

Acquire interface from interface specified in typeParam.

enumerator eAIFFromLibraryType

Acquire interface from library specified in typeParam.

enumerator eAIFNumTypes

New types can be added here.

Count of types.

enumerator fAIFTypeMask

A mask that contains all of the above types.

enumerator fAIFOptional

The interface acquire is optional and may fail without error logging.

enumerator fAIFNoInitialize

The interface acquire will only succeed if the plugin is already initialized.