Defined in carb/simplegui/SimpleGuiTypes.h

struct FontCustomRect

Structure of a custom rectangle for a font definition.

Public Functions

inline FontCustomRect()
inline bool isPacked() const

Checks if the font custom rect is packed or not.


true if the font is packed; false otherwise.

Public Members

uint32_t id

[input] User ID. Use <0x10000 to map into a font glyph, >=0x10000 for other/internal/custom texture data.

uint16_t width

[input] Desired rectangle dimension

uint16_t height

[input] Desired rectangle dimension

uint16_t x

[output] Packed position in Atlas

uint16_t y

[output] Packed position in Atlas

float glyphAdvanceX

[input] For custom font glyphs only (ID<0x10000): glyph xadvance

carb::Float2 glyphOffset

[input] For custom font glyphs only (ID<0x10000): glyph display offset

Font *font

[input] For custom font glyphs only (ID<0x10000): target font Constructor.