Defined in carb/launcher/ILauncher.h

constexpr const char *const carb::launcher::kInterpreterShellScript2 = "bash"

Standard command interpreters for Windows and Linux.

These can be used in the launch descriptor’s LaunchDesc::interpreter value to override some default interpreter detection functionality.


These interpreter names are just ‘safe’ interpreters. If a caller has additional knowledge of the functional requirements of a script (ie: requires python 3.6+, requires a specific install of python, requires additional options for the interpreter, etc), it is the caller’s responsibility to ensure an appropriate interpreter path and command is provided in LaunchDesc::interpreter. If no interpreter path is given in the launch descriptor, one of these interpreters will be chosen based on the extension of the script file.


If you need to use cmd /C, you must use kInterpreterShellScript so that ILauncher can properly quote your arguments, since cmd /C does not interpret a command argument in the way that almost every other interpreter does.