Defined in carb/input/InputTypes.h

enum class carb::input::GamepadInput : InputType

Defines a gamepad input.

Expected ABXY buttons layout:

X   B
eMenu1 - maps to View (XBone) / Share (PS4) eMenu2 - maps to Menu (XBone) / Options (PS4)


enumerator eLeftStickRight
enumerator eLeftStickLeft
enumerator eLeftStickUp
enumerator eLeftStickDown
enumerator eRightStickRight
enumerator eRightStickLeft
enumerator eRightStickUp
enumerator eRightStickDown
enumerator eLeftTrigger
enumerator eRightTrigger
enumerator eA
enumerator eB
enumerator eX
enumerator eY
enumerator eLeftShoulder
enumerator eRightShoulder
enumerator eMenu1
enumerator eMenu2
enumerator eLeftStick
enumerator eRightStick
enumerator eDpadUp
enumerator eDpadRight
enumerator eDpadDown
enumerator eDpadLeft
enumerator eCount

The number of GamepadInput elements.