Defined in omni/structuredlog/IStructuredLogSettings2.h

constexpr OutputFlags omni::structuredlog::fOutputFlagSkipLogHeaders = 0x00000002

Flag to indicate that no header should be written out to log files created by the structured logging system.

The header is consumed and modified by the telemetry transmitter app to allow it to store its progress in processing each log file. If the header is missing, the transmitter app will simply ignore the log file. Omitting the headers in log files allows the log output to purely just be the structured log event messages so they can be more easily consumed wholesale by external apps. Note that when this flag is used, the structured log files created by the host app will be incompatible with the rest of the telemetry toolchain in Omniverse. This flag is off by default. Adding this flag will take effect the next time a new log file is created.