Defined in carb/logging/Log.h

inline void carb::logging::registerLoggingForClient() noexcept

Acquires the default ILogging interface and registers log channels.

This acquires the ILogging interface and assigns it to a special g_carbLogging variable. The g_carbLogLevel variable is registered with ILogging so that it is kept up to date when log level changes. The g_carbLogFn variable is also initialized. Finally omni::log::addModulesChannels() is called to register log channels.


It is typically not necessary to call this function. It is automatically called for plugins by carb::pluginInitialize() (in turn called by CARB_PLUGIN_IMPL). For script bindings it is called by carb::acquireFrameworkForBindings(). For applications it is called by carb::acquireFrameworkAndRegisterBuiltins() (typically called by OMNI_CORE_INIT).