Defined in carb/launcher/ILauncher.h

constexpr LauncherFlags carb::launcher::fLaunchFlagNoStdErr = 0x00000100

Flags to indicate that the child process’ standard output streams should be closed upon launch.

This is useful if the output from the child is not interesting or would otherwise garble up the parent process’ standard streams log. An alternative to this would be to create a dummy read function for both stdout and stderr where the parent process just drops all incoming messages from the child process. This however also has its drawbacks since it would create one to two threads to listen for messages that would just otherwise be ignored. If these flags are not used, the OS’s default behavior of inheriting the parent process’ standard streams will be used. Each standard output stream can be disabled individually or together if needed depending on which flag(s) are used.


Any callbacks specified for LaunchDesc::onReadStdout or LaunchDesc::onReadStderr will be ignored if the corresponding flag(s) to disable those streams is also used.