Defined in carb/crashreporter/ICrashReporter.h

using carb::crashreporter::OnGetMetadataFileBlobFn = bool (*)(FileHandle file, void *context)

Metadata value callback function prototype.

Param file

[out] The file handle to write the file data to. This file handle will be opened for writing only. The callback must use writeFileBlob() to write to the file. This file descriptor should not be closed by the callback itself. The callback should only write to the file. The file will be opened in binary mode only. The callback implementation is responsible for doing any line ending conversions that are needed for the given platform.

Param context

[in] The opaque context value that was used when the metadata value was originally registered.


true if the file is successfully written to. Returns false otherwise. If false is returned, the file will be closed and deleted from disk. In this case, the file will also not be included in the crash report.