Defined in omni/core/ModuleExports.h

OMNI_MODULE_ADD_LOG_CHANNEL(exp_, name_, level_, description_)

Adds a log channel to the logging system. The channel will be removed when the module is unloaded.

name_ and level_ must not be nullptr.

The given pointers must remain valid for the lifetime of the module.

Rather than calling this macro, use OMNI_LOG_ADD_CHANNEL to both declare a channel and add it to the omni::core::ModuleExports table.

  • exp_ – The omni::core::ModuleExports table in which the entry should be added.

  • name_ – The name of the channel. Must not be nullptr.

  • level_ – Pointer to plugin memory where the logging system can store the channel’s logging threshold. Shouldn’t be nullptr.

  • description_ – Description of the channel. Useful for debugging and UIs. Must not be nullptr.