Defined in omni/core/OmniInit.h

struct ScopedFrameworkStartup

Scoped object which calls carb::startupFramework() and carb::shutdownFramework().

Rather than directly using this object, use OMNI_CORE_INIT().

Public Functions

inline ScopedFrameworkStartup()

Default constructor which does not startup the framework due to a lack of arguments.

This constructor is present to make OMNI_CORE_INIT() useful when the application wishes to call carb::startupFramework() explicitly.

inline ScopedFrameworkStartup(int argc, char **argv)

Constructor which passes argc and argv to carb::startupFramework().

All other parameters passed to carb::startupFramework() are default values.

inline ScopedFrameworkStartup(const carb::StartupFrameworkDesc &startupParams)

Constructor which allows specify all parameters to carb::startupFramework().

inline ~ScopedFrameworkStartup()

Calls carb::shutdownFramework() if a non-default constructor was called.