Defined in carb/Framework.h

carb::Framework *carb::acquireFramework(const char *appName, Version frameworkVersion = kFrameworkVersion)

Acquire the Carbonite framework for an application.

Do not call this method directly. Rather, call a helper function such as OMNI_CORE_INIT, carb::acquireFrameworkAndRegisterBuiltins or carb::acquireFrameworkForBindings. Of the methods above, OMNI_CORE_INIT is preferred for most applications.

The Carbonite framework is a singleton object, it will be created on the first acquire call. Subsequent calls to acquire return the same instance.

This function is expected to be used by applications, which links with the framework.

Plugins should not use this function. Rather, plugins should use carb::getFramework().

Thread Safety

This function may be called from multiple threads simultaneously.

  • appName – The application name requesting the framework. Must not be nullptr.

  • frameworkVersion – specifies the minimum framework version expected by the application. nullptr is return if the minimum version cannot be met.


The Carbonite framework. Can be nullptr.