Defined in carb/filesystem/IFileSystem.h

struct DirectoryItemInfo : public carb::filesystem::FileInfo

Defines struct to hold item info during directory walk.

Public Members

const char *path

The path to the file.

Make a copy of the string if retention is desired after the callback. The path will be prefixed with the path that is passed to IFileSystem::forEachDirectoryItem() (or IFileSystem::forEachDirectoryItemRecursive()).

DirectoryItemType type

The type of this item: Directory or File.

time_t modifiedTimestamp

The time that this item was last modified.

time_t createdTimestamp

The time that this item was created.

size_t size

The size of this item in bytes.

bool isSymlink

Whether this item is a symlink. On Windows, this is a reparse point which also includes directory junctions.