Defined in carb/crashreporter/ICrashReporter.h

using carb::crashreporter::ResolveSymbolFn = void (*)(const void *address, const char *name, void *userData)

Prototype for a callback function used to resolve symbol information.


This callback is used to deliver the results of an attempt to resolve the name of a symbol in the current process. This callback is always performed synchronously to the call to ICrashReporter::resolveSymbol().

Param address

[in] The address of the symbol being resolved.

Param name

[in] If the symbol resolution was successful, this will be the name of the symbol that address is contained in. If the resolution fails, this will be nullptr. If non-nullptr, this string must be copied before returning from the callback function if it needs to persist.

Param userData

[in] The opaque user data passed to the ICrashReporter::resolveSymbol() function.


No return value.