Defined in carb/extras/Library.h

inline void carb::extras::unloadLibrary(LibraryHandle libraryHandle)

Unloads a loaded library.


This unloads one reference to a library that was loaded by loadLibrary(). Note that this may not actually unload the library from the process if other references to it still exist. When the last reference to an unpinned library is removed, that library will be removed from the process’s memory space.


Once a library has been unloaded from memory, the handle to it cannot be safely used any more. Attempting to use it may result in undefined behavior. Effectively, as soon as a handle is passed in here, it should be discarded. Even though the module may remain in memory, the handle should be treated as though it has been freed upon return from here.


libraryHandle[in] The handle to the library to unload. This should have been returned by a previous call to loadLibrary(). This may not be nullptr.


No return value.