Defined in carb/crashreporter/ICrashReporter.h

using carb::crashreporter::OnGetMetadataWideStringFn = size_t (*)(wchar_t *buffer, size_t maxLength, void *context)

Metadata value callback function prototype.

Param buffer

[out] Receives the string value. This must be wide characters (wchar_t) and not exceed maxLength characters including the null terminator. This buffer will never be nullptr. Writing a null terminator is optional.

Param maxLength

[in] The maximum number of characters including the null terminator that can fit in the buffer buffer. This will never be 0. It is the callback’s responsibility to ensure no more than this many characters is written to the output buffer.

Param context

[in] The opaque context value that was used when the metadata value was originally registered.


The total number of characters not including any null terminator that were written to the output buffer. This value MUST not exceed maxLength.