Defined in carb/extras/Options.h

struct Option

Information about a single option and its parser.

Public Members

const char *shortName

The short name for the option.

This is usually a one letter option preceded by a dash character.

const char *longName

The long name for the option.

This is usually a multi-word option preceded by two dash characters.

int expectedArgs

The number of arguments to be expected associated with this option.

This should either be 0 or 1.

ValueType expectedType

The expected argument type.

ArgParserFunc parser

The parser function that will handle consuming the option and its argument.

const char *documentation

Documentation for this option.

This string should be formatted to fit on a 72 character line. Each line of text should end with a newline character (’

’). The last line of text must also end in a newline character otherwise it will be omitted from any documentation output.