Defined in carb/profiler/Profile.h

CARB_PROFILE_FRAME(maskOrChannel, frameName, ...)

Inserts a frame marker for the calling thread in the profiling output, for profilers that support frame markers.


The name provided below must be the same for each set of frames, and called each time from the same thread. For example you might have main thread frames that all are named “frame” and GPU frames that are named “GPU

frame”. Some profilers (i.e. profiler-cpu to Tracy conversion) require that the name contain the word “frame.”

  • maskOrChannel – Deprecated and ignored for frame events.

  • frameName – A name for the frame. This must either be a literal string or a printf-style format string. Literal strings are far more efficient. See the note above about frame names.

  • ... – Optional printf-style variadic arguments corresponding to format specifiers in frameName.