Defined in carb/simplegui/SimpleGuiTypes.h

enum class carb::simplegui::StyleColor

Enumeration for pushStyleColor() / popStyleColor()


enumerator eText


enumerator eTextDisabled

Disabled text.

enumerator eWindowBg

Background of normal windows.

enumerator eChildBg

Background of child windows.

enumerator ePopupBg

Background of popups, menus, tooltips windows.

enumerator eBorder


enumerator eBorderShadow

Border Shadow.

enumerator eFrameBg

Background of checkbox, radio button, plot, slider, text input.

enumerator eFrameBgHovered

Hovered background.

enumerator eFrameBgActive

Active background.

enumerator eTitleBg

Title background.

enumerator eTitleBgActive

Active title background.

enumerator eTitleBgCollapsed

Collapsed title background.

enumerator eMenuBarBg

Menu bar background.

enumerator eScrollbarBg

Scroll bar background.

enumerator eScrollbarGrab

Grabbed scroll bar.

enumerator eScrollbarGrabHovered

Hovered grabbed scroll bar.

enumerator eScrollbarGrabActive

Active grabbed scroll bar.

enumerator eCheckMark

Check box.

enumerator eSliderGrab

Grabbed slider.

enumerator eSliderGrabActive

Active grabbed slider.

enumerator eButton


enumerator eButtonHovered

Hovered button.

enumerator eButtonActive

Active button.

enumerator eHeader

Header* colors are used for CollapsingHeader, TreeNode, Selectable, MenuItem.

enumerator eHeaderHovered

Hovered header.

enumerator eHeaderActive

Active header.

enumerator eSeparator


enumerator eSeparatorHovered

Hovered separator.

enumerator eSeparatorActive

Active separator.

enumerator eResizeGrip

Resize grip.

enumerator eResizeGripHovered

Hovered resize grip.

enumerator eResizeGripActive

Active resize grip.

enumerator eTab


enumerator eTabHovered

Hovered tab.

enumerator eTabActive

Active tab.

enumerator eTabUnfocused

Unfocused tab.

enumerator eTabUnfocusedActive

Active unfocused tab.

enumerator eDockingPreview

Preview overlay color when about to docking something.

enumerator eDockingEmptyBg

Background color for empty node (e.g. CentralNode with no window docked into it)

enumerator ePlotLines

Plot lines.

enumerator ePlotLinesHovered

Hovered plot lines.

enumerator ePlotHistogram


enumerator ePlotHistogramHovered

Hovered histogram.

enumerator eTableHeaderBg

Table header background.

enumerator eTableBorderStrong

Table outer and header borders (prefer using Alpha=1.0 here)

enumerator eTableBorderLight

Table inner borders (prefer using Alpha=1.0 here)

enumerator eTableRowBg

Table row background (even rows)

enumerator eTableRowBgAlt

Table row background (odd rows)

enumerator eTextSelectedBg

Selected text background.

enumerator eDragDropTarget

Drag/drop target.

enumerator eNavHighlight

Gamepad/keyboard: current highlighted item.

enumerator eNavWindowingHighlight

Highlight window when using CTRL+TAB.

enumerator eNavWindowingDimBg

Darken/colorize entire screen behind the CTRL+TAB window list, when active.

enumerator eModalWindowDimBg

Darken/colorize entire screen behind a modal window, when one is active.

enumerator eWindowShadow

Window shadows.

enumerator eCount

Number of items.