Release Notes

Current Release

200.1 Beta Release

Release Date: May 2023


  • UI/UX - Right-Click selected Objects in Unity hierarchy to select “Export to USD” from the context menu (OM-88943)

  • USD Export - Occlusion Map is now supported when exporting to OmniPBR MDL, Occlusion Map was already supported for UsdPreviewSurface.

  • USD Export - Checkpoint comments can now be used and will be preserved. (OM-85547)

  • USD Export - We now handle “invisible” objects by setting USD Purpose to guide when the Mesh Renderer component is disabled, and the Unity Object state is Active. (OM-88435)


  • UI/UX - Updated Settings window display Open in App options for USD Composer and USD Presenter if they are installed, previously the apps were known as Create and View.

  • USD Export - Optimized performance for exporting scenes with meshes that have multiple materials on different mesh faces.

  • USD Import - Recalculate normal vector if Mesh has no normal vector.

  • USD Import - Additional implementation was made so that Prim’s displayColor and displayOpacity are reflected as materials.

  • USD Import - Optimized asset update process on import.

  • Live Sync - Optimized performance when moving between Game Object hierarchies.

  • Live Sync - Optimized performance when Game Object parameters (Enable/Disable or Transform etc.) are changed.


  • USD Export - Fixed an issue where in some cases the Rigid body components were causing transforms to be zeroed upon export to USD. (OM-88424)

  • USD Export - Fixed an issue where mesh rendering on AR Quick Look was calculated incorrectly.

  • USD Export - Camera focal length calculations were corrected.

  • USD Export - Emission Color is now correctly converted to Linear when using the Built-In Render pipeline.

  • USD Export - Fixed an issue where Double-click to confirm an existing usd file caused it to be saved in the folder above. (OM-86457)

  • USD Export - Fixed an issue where Files and Folders with spaces in the name would not auto open using the Open in App feature. (OM-86469)

  • USD Import - Fixed displayColor and displayOpacity of Prim to be converted from USD Preview material. (OM-88210)

  • USD Import - Fixed problem with incorrect transforms (pivot was not being reflected). (OM-88210)

  • USD Import - Fixed an issue where MetallicSmoothness maps were not reflected in HDRP when importing USD.

  • USD Import - Fixed an issue where prim names were not reflected when importing primitives(Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Capsule).

  • USD Import - Fixed an issue where Prims outside of defaultPrim are not loaded.

  • USD Import - Fixed an issue that could cause an error message to appear when saving assets in Unity.

  • USD Import - Fixed an issue where relative paths(“../../foo” etc.) could not be found correctly when traversing an asset’s textures and materials.

  • Live Sync - Fixed an issue where Time-consuming processing in Live Sync causes a progress dialog to appear.

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