Release Date: 06/12/2023


  • Add Usd Kind standards for exporting [OM-75121]

  • Handle the updated UsdLuxLight schema changes [OM-75263]

  • Update launcher installation to precache Kit extensions [OM-84412]

  • revit batch errror : Null argument Parameter name: modelPath [OM-87925]

  • Correct issues reported by the Asset Validator [OM-73478]

  • If “Use Material Mapping” and “Use Autodesk Materials Are Both Unchecked, Export USD Comes Through Empty In Composer [OM-95061]

  • Update install Launcher.toml side-by-side to false [OM-79280]

  • If Entering Into Another Mode Within the Revit Application While In a Live Session, Tester Is Dropped From Live Session [OM-96979]

  • Enable Logging Doesn’t Stay Checked After Confirming Saving in Advanced Settings [OM-96975]

  • Advanced Settings “Project” export failing [OM-96978]

  • File Name and Project Export Settings, Which One Should Take Priority If Both Are Filled In? [OM-97119]

  • If Include Rooms and Spaces Settings Are Checked On a Model That Does Not Have Rooms or Spaces, Error Will Show [OM-97120]

USD Standards Updates

  • Updated to correctly assign USD Kind, UsdLuxLight API changes, and other issues caught by the Asset Validator

Bugs from Batch Settings and Advanced Settings Overhaul

  • Fixed a handful of bugs that arose during testing of the new Batch Settings and Advanced Settings


  • Batch Export and Automation Update [OM-85164]

  • Embed per-file export settings to RVT file [OM-89575]

  • Batch export support for JSON settings file [OM-86376]

  • clean username from file [OM-90308]

  • use wild card file naming from advanced settings [OM-90311]

  • override advanced settings with global json [OM-90313]

  • support prop or project choice in advanced settings [OM-90314]

  • Temporarily apply changes to view during export [OM-86427]

  • Suppress popup dialogs as much as possible [OM-87924]

  • Add standalone batch export command that takes a JSON file argument [OM-86384]

  • Add ability to open with certain worksets disabled [OM-92043]

  • Connector Add Support for Revit 2024 [OM-80361]

Revit 2024 Support

  • Revit 2024 is now supported, Revit 2020 support has ended

Batch Export and Advanced Settings

  • Performance and configuration improvements to Batch Export, see docs for more information

  • Advanced Settings for configurable one-click exports, see docs for more information

Omniverse Kit’s File and Folder Pickers

  • The Revit Connector now uses Omniverse Kit’s folder and file picker UI components