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Current Release


Release Date: Novemeber 2023


  • Omniverse Panel: Fix to material baking error. (OM-113524)

  • Omniverse Panel: Removed obsolete Convert Material section. (OM-113526)


  • Updated to USD Resolver v1.34.3 and Client Library v2.38.9.

  • UMM: Added support for import UsdShade NodeGraphs into Blender as Groups. (OM-111288)

  • UMM: Improved the method used for converting connections between material. networks

  • UMM: Support for converting UsdShade NodeGroups to UMM Ex groups in usdutils.

  • UMM: Support for exporting and importing Frames/Backdrops to from UsdShade. (OM-112204)

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