Release Date: 10/23/2023


  • Texture coordinates not correct [OM-98745]

  • Drawing set location not saved in advanced options dialogue [OM-101182]

  • Angle values not coming through in BIM properties [OM-104724]

  • Missing BIM data for some elements [OMFP-2664]

  • Connect wrapper functions failed for models with 1 character filenames [OMFP-1498]

  • Invalid prim paths for instanced geometry causes fatal crash in international models which lack 1 byte chars in their name [OMFP-1434]

  • Revit exporter does not set subdivision scheme, meaning it defaults to Catmull Clark and smooths hard edges [OMFP-1433]


  • OpenSSL 3 Security upgrade from ConnectSDK [OM-109517]

  • ConnectSDK for Client library to match Kit 105.1 release [OMFP-1445]