Release Notes

Current Release


Release Date: May 2024


  • Support for Creo versions 8, 9, 10

  • Simplified and updated UI using Connect UI

  • Uses Connect-sdk for logging and composing exports

  • Exports Sheet Metal objects

  • Improved guide and user experience for Material Mapping

  • Improved load-time performance

  • Supports multiple instancing styles: None, Internal and External.

  • Embedded MDL and UsdPreviewSurface material export in file.

  • Supports UTF-8 display names of exported components matching their Creo display names.

Known Limitations

  • Removed support for Project export. All exports are now “prop” exports.

  • Rapidly moving / resizing the export window may cause a crash.

  • Elements which are hidden or disabled in the Creo model will be skipped.

  • Flexible elements may not be handled properly when using Internal or External instancing.
    • We recommend setting Instancing Style to None for assemblies containing flexible parts.

  • Native materials do not support Creo’s proprietary image file formats: .tx3, .tx4, .tx1 or .imf
    • These can be converted to .png, .jpg or .bmp in through Creo’s appearance editor

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