Release Notes

Current Release

202.1 Hotfix

Release Date: July 2023

This update has a new Omniverse Client Library for Omniverse Cloud operations and improves the overall user experience when importing USD stages.


  • Added an automation manager that imports stages and captures screenshots with comparisons [OM-67425]

    • Python scrip located in NVIDIA\Omniverse\Content\Python\


  • Fix exporting mesh attachments bound to a skeletal mesh socket [OM-95686]

  • Fix import scaling issue with blendshapes for 5.0 and newer: USDImporter failed to apply GeomBindTransform [OM-101101]

  • Fix overexposure on USD cameras when fStop is zero [OM-99484]

  • Adapt the size of domelight skyspheres to fit the stage bounds [OM-81975]

  • Materials

    • Fix OmniSurface subsurface importing [OM-84445]

    • Add support for a new Reallusion MDL material [OM-96524]

    • Fix exporting Omniverse core materials with UDIM/virtual textures [OM-98836]


  • Display a notification when no default prim is defined in a dragged & dropped USD file [OM-51512]

  • Export empty actors as USD Xform prims [OM-96559]

  • Add a material render context selection to the Import USD dialog [OM-96018]

  • Add an animation source (USD Animation or A2F MetaHuman Curves) option to the Import USD Animation dialog [OM-101097]

  • Improve USD stage preview camera and light [OM-98638]

  • Update MDL Core Materials Library to 1.0.8-774c716 [OM-91976]

  • Update MDL SDK to 363600.4887-nt-x86_64 to load mdl 1.8 for glTF material [OM-91976]

  • Update Omniverse client library to 2.32.0

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