202.0 Point Release

Release Date: May 2023

This release adds support for Unreal Editor 5.2 and improves material and animation support.


  • The Omniverse Connector is released for Unreal Editor versions 4.27, 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2

    • 202.0 is the last update for 4.27 and 5.0

  • Added support for importing stand-alone USD animation clips [OM-62692]

  • Added UDIM support on material imports [MDL and USD Preview Surface] [OM-61118]

  • Added Unreal material render context support in the 5.x versions [OM-79582]


  • Check valid curve container before importing facial animations

  • Fix scene rendering twice in PIE [OM-83648]

  • Materials

    • Fix svbrdf AxF import issues dealing with exceeding the material sampler register index [OM-80123]

      • Due to skeletal mesh material rendering issues this change is ONLY applied to Unreal Engine 5.2

    • Fix exporting disabled overrides for material parameters [OM-82006]

    • Fix the sampling of UDIM normal texture objects to make them brighter [OM-93731]

    • Fix invalid MDL creation in Python script and detect invalid layer path argument parsing [OM-93495]

  • Fix Asset Validator errors by adding extents to geometric lights [OM-93245]

  • Fix issue where pre-existing live session participants are not listed when joining a session [OM-93516]

  • Fix extra cameras that appeared during live sessions [OM-93476]


  • Support exporting and importing source textures for UsdLuxRectLights

  • Support exporting lights and primitives with light channels [OM-88109]

  • Support importing Skeletal Rig with multiple roots [OM-86271]

  • Add “enable collision” and “autogenerate collision” options when importing or opening USD stages [OM-81772]

  • Update USD resolver to 1.26.1, Omni client to 2.31.1


  • Connectors for 4.27 and 5.0 will no longer be published after this 202.0 release