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  • OM-60518 Removed the need for System Paths to be changed

  • OM-76770 Added option to not use Nucleus as the Send To Omniverse location

  • OM-83830 Beams and Columns Do Not Show on Create Side During Live Update

  • OM-83807 Send To Omniverse, Output As Project or Prop Setting Gets Ignored After Consecutive Send To Omniverse Function Attempts

  • OM-83851 When Unchecking “Do Not Use Nucleus”, It Still Sends .USD to Local Path, Works Correctly on Second Attempt to Send To Omniverse

  • OM-74929 Update dependencies to patch security issues

  • OM-87151 Unable to join Omniverse Live session created through Archicad 26

  • OM-87127 Observing Sever corruption on performing Send To Omniverse Function when using “Create Send To Omniverse Output As prop”

  • OM-79281 Update install Launcher.toml side-by-side to false


  • Optimization options added to Settings dialog

  • Option to not use Nucleus for Send To Omniverse location

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