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Maya Native 208.0


  • [OM-20574] - Added Arnold light export support to match Maya Legacy.

  • [OM-36265] - Added button to open location of log script.

  • [OM-37044] - Support materials and texture path changes.

  • [OM-39857] - Added warning that we do not support rendering Omni Hair materials in Arnold.

  • [OM-44130] - Textures defined in layeredShader can be translated to USD.

  • [OM-51165] - Added Bi-Directional Maya Live Sync Workflow.

  • [OM-53848] - Support export with materials as reference.

  • [OM-78014] - Added Skel animation export option.

  • [OM-80836] - Deprecate Maya Legacy Connector.

  • [OM-83239] - Support omni.ui in Maya.

  • [OM-93399] - Integrated with Connect SDK.

  • [OM-93401] - Added MDL Arnold rendering support.

  • [OM-96243] - Added Batch export options.

  • [OM-96838] - Added “Move To Origin” export option.

  • [OM-97793] - Added MDL support to create and assign materials in Maya.

  • [OM-97786] - Add the ability to import MDL materials into Maya.

  • [OM-101289] - Added support for Maya-usd 0.24.0.

  • [OM-106848] - Added support for MDL custom paths.

  • [OM-106852] - Added USD MDL export option.

  • [OM-107697] - Maya Standard Surface is converted to OmniSurfaceLite on export.


  • [OM-41254] - UsdPreviewSurface conversion errors: alpha and normal maps not used, normals corrupted, etc.

  • [OM-84006] - Material Presets are not getting their textures when imported in Maya.

  • [OM-43557] - Exporting omniSurface as a UDIM does not write all textures.

  • [OM-76379] - Export with omniverse:// connected textures fails.

  • [OM-76601] - Open and Export panels shake when moved, able to move themselves off screen requiring an app restart.

  • [OM-100305] - Export’s “Use Animation Range” should be a checkbox, not a button.

  • [OM-100528] - Universal Material Mapper (UMM) does not respect MDL checkbox.

  • [OM-110870] - Animated point cache, vertex only, should export as overs not defs.

  • [OM-111208] - Export with namespace fails to get correct Maya shader.

  • [OM-112109] - Export using Skeletal Mesh with World parent will have invalid Material.

  • [OM-112311] - Blend Shape weight is exported or handled incorrectly.

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