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Current Release

Maya Native 207.0


  • [OM-33705] - [Maya Native] Added usdSkel blendshape import support.

  • [OM-79501] - [Maya Native] Open existing Maya files with MDL materials.

  • [OM-51175] - [Maya Native] Add USDSkel Import and Export support.

  • [OM-51176] - [Maya Native] Add Geometry Point Cache support.

  • [OM-57968] - [Maya Native] Add Xgen Hair and Groom Export.

  • [OM-75267] - [Maya Native] Handle the updated UsdLuxLight schema changes.

  • [OM-78017] - [Maya Native] Add point cache export mode.

  • [OM-80359] - [Maya Native] Add Support for Maya 2024.

  • [OM-82415] - [Maya Native] Export connector Metadata.

  • [OM-82668] - [Maya Native] Add Export as Overs option.

  • [OM-85103] - [Maya Native] Add Support for UDIM textures.


  • [OM-19452] - [Maya Native] Importing .usd file doesn’t read Winding Order.

  • [OM-56654] - [Maya Native] USD export ignores units setting.

  • [OM-61606] - [Maya Native] displayColor attribute changes value after export and reimport.

  • [OM-65592] - [Maya Native] Save should be disabled if not able to save.

  • [OM-67114] - [Maya Native] Error when saving into Omniverse from a new file in Maya.

  • [OM-67719] - [Maya Native] Shelf tab for Maya Native visible after it is uninstalled.

  • [OM-70969] - [Maya Native] Maya reference to .usda on Nucleus will not auto-load.

  • [OM-75394] - [Maya Native] References to files with same name, different folder, collide.

  • [OM-78734] - [Maya Native] Able to export without a filename.

  • [OM-79236] - [Maya Native] Export dialog not properly parented to Maya window.

  • [OM-83168] - [Maya Native] Screen scaling cuts off the FilePicker inside its Qt container.

  • [OM-86082] - [Maya Native] Unable to export without a Parent.

  • [OM-86085] - [Maya Native] Maya should not export empty files with export selected.

  • [OM-96271] - [Maya Native] Skel Animation Export fails if you have strip namespaces or export selected as an option.

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