Substance 3D Painter

A wide view of headphones painted in Painter and viewed in |composer|


Adobe Substance 3D Painter is a world leading solution for 3D texturing. It’s a go-to 3D texturing app for creative professionals with hundreds of smart materials at your disposal and a powerful brush engine that allows you to texture any 3D model in minutes.

The Substance 3D Painter Connector works in tandem with the Omniverse USD Composer Live Link extension to provide real time visualization of painted meshes in Omniverse Omniverse USD Composer. The Painter Connector can:

  • Open a USD of the active Painter mesh in Omniverse USD Composer

  • Duplicate the Painter environment HDR in Omniverse USD Composer as a Dome Light

  • Live-update texture maps and materials in Omniverse USD Composer

  • Importing a USD mesh that’s currently open in Omniverse USD Composer

    • If the USD is using OmniPBR then the Albedo, Normal, and Roughness textures are imported into the project in Painter