Houdini is an advanced procedural modeling, animation, effects, simulation, rendering, and compositing package. Its power is based on procedural workflows. Working in Houdini involves creating networks of nodes connected together that describe the steps to accomplish a task.

The NVIDIA Omniverse™ Houdini Connector allows you to reference USD data straight from Omniverse Nucleus file paths and sets up the foundation for streamlining workflows between Omniverse and Houdini.

The Connector supports resolving Omniverse URLs in USD as well as most Houdini contexts. For example, you can use omniverse:// paths in the Geometry context to read and write geometry formats, such as .bgeo. Likewise, such paths will work in the Image context for reading and writing textures.

We also have the Houdini Engine HDA Loader Kit Extension available, which allows you to run Houdini Digital Assets inside Omniverse USD Composer.