Release Date: 02/17/2023


  • Update date/time/location data output [OM-77723]

  • Connector now remembers “Enable Logging Publish/Export” Option After Revit Application in Closed [OM-70734]

  • Fix issue where Width and Height of Rect Light are reversed when converted into USD [OM-77205]

  • Update target deps for security patches [OM-74926]

  • Fix issue where folders are missing in the Batch Export dialogue [OM-80952]

Rectangular Lights

  • Fixed orientation of rectangular light exports

Date Time Location of Model

  • Date Time and Location of the model are correctly exported to USD


  • Logging setting selection persists after close of Revit

Batch Export

  • Fix for improper display of folders for Batch Export in Windows 11


  • Lack of Family Type Parameters importing to Omniverse [OM-78813]

Material Exports

  • Material properties are now stored as USD attributes, making material changes in Live Sessions non-destructive

BIM Data

  • Type parameters of Revit elements are now exported