Release Notes

Latest Release


Release Date: March 2024


  • OM-121675 - Update 3ds Max to Use Connect SDK 0.7.0.

  • OM-55160 - Add Filepicker to the 3ds Max connector.

  • OM-93817 - Add iGame export flag to preserve triangulation.


  • OM-97440 - Some of the assets from the USD file are not rendering in 3ds Max.

  • OM-96013 - Export DisplayName in USD to store non-ascii or special character used in the original data.

  • OM-97003 - Imported vray material from 3DSMax show transparent in create.

  • OM-114323 - Instancing lights on Export, deletes all the instances.

  • OM-114674 - Keep USD Prim custom data.

  • OM-107083 - Empty Geo Node imported in 3ds Max for Xforms, Scope, Sequence.

  • OM-108769 - Exporter resets “Bitmap Scaling” to 1.0 x 1.0.

  • OM-93966 - Server connect dialog pops up / closes quickly if already logged in.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Does not support BlendShape

  • Variants are not to be hierarchical - need to be at root level of 3DS Max scene

  • Does not support importing Skeletal

  • Does not support NVIDIA driver from version 528.x. Please update to latest, e.g. 552.22.

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