2020.2 Point Release

New Features

  • Update to new OmniConnect library

  • Support for Revit 2021

  • Furniture Mappings

Bug Fixes

  • Performing a Function on an Object Is A Step Behind

  • Objects In Respective Layers Only Display After Reopening the Model/Scene

  • Curtain panels showing invalid at the end

  • Excessive export times

  • Large files, long export times or failed to export

  • Large Revit file not converting

  • Light direction incorrect for some Revit light components

  • Error Upon Opening Revit with Omniverse Panel

  • Revit local setup app RevitOmniSetup.exe for 2020 is copying CSV files to Documents

  • Some AEC materials working in recent Kit builds

  • Cannot Create a New Folder While In the Midst of Exporting/Publishing

  • Furniture mappings not correct

  • Live sync change with moving a light does not work