Connect 106.1.2076


  • Imported CAD data in Revit now exports properly. Previous to this version, the meshes generally were all mapped to be gray in color as well as many of them being combined into one huge mesh. In 2076, the separation of the data is much cleaner and similar to what you can select and visualize in Revit.

    Here is an example DWG import into Revit.


    And here it is in Omniverse USD Presenter.

  • Logging is now exposed via the Settings dialog. When enabled, the verbose logging of what has been processed and exported to USD is put into the <Documents>/RevitLog.txt file. A couple of key notes here:

  • Logging is expensive and will slow down your export. It should be used when evaluating a problem, not as a standard setting.

  • RevitLog.txt is not deleted between sessions. Each subsequent export will append this file. For a clean capture, please delete this file before export.


  • OM-42654: Revit export is missing some DWG elements in USD.

  • OM-40183: Settings dialog to provide an override path for Materials and Assets.

  • OM-38881: Some models are not creating a materials folder during Export as Prop.

  • OM-38376: Moving some objects during Live Edit causes an exception in Revit.

  • OM-38360: Family Data instancing (beta) throws an error during export.

  • OM-38008: Swapping of USD assets for a Revit asset not always working properly.

  • OM-37855: Some path names are too long and not properly handled in the Revit export dialog.

  • OM-37606: Some BIM data is exported incorrectly.

  • OM-37206: The live edit file should be able to be assigned independently of being in live edit.

  • OM-37130: Material CSV maps are reloaded if they are changed during a Revit session.