Supported & Unsupported Features

Supported Features

  • Opening USD file from Omniverse or local disk.

  • USD files with Default Render Context, USD Preview Surface.

  • Saving USD Files back to original file location.

  • Exporting Maya Scenes to Omniverse

Unsupported Features

  • Currently Maya Native Connector does not Support Live workflow

  • Currently Maya Native Connector does not support MDL render context

  • USD features are restricted to what Maya USD Support per application and plug in version.

  • Saving a USD file as a new file to Omniverse that was originally in a different location, does not collect the dependencies.

Known Limitations

  • MDL render context does not load in Maya Native, only USD Preview Surface. If a USD has MDL context it wil not load with textures.

  • Exporting is currently limited to what Maya USD supports

    • Only maya shaders and utilities are supported along with a limited set of properties (lambert, blinn, phong, standardSurface, usdPreviewSurface, pxrUsdPreviewSurface)