Connect 105.1.2052


  • OM-33277 Better BIM data structuring in USD

  • OM-36333 Startup of app not dependent on connection to Nucleus. This increases startup performance

  • OM-37606 Adjustments needed to the BIM data structure in USD

  • OM-38360 Family export throws errors

  • OM-40182 Check for S3 availability

  • OM-38276 Materials not exporting correctly

  • OM-38008 USD Asset swap not working for Revit


Send to Create

  • Send to View option is now Send to Omniverse.

    • By default, it will send to the currently installed version of View.


    This can be changed in the Settings dialog to point to Create instead.

MDL and Vegetation Asset Location

  • By default, these are pulled from S3 for the material mapping option as well as the vegetation swap that is performed automatically on export.

  • If access to S3 is not possible, those assets can be relocated to local disk or a Nucleus location. The Settings dialog now allows that to be updated, as desired.

Light Group Support

  • Light groups are now supported on export from Revit. This allows lights to be toggled on/off individually or as groups.