Connect 200.0.2282

Release Date: 11/16/2022


  • OM-61928 revit connector fails to load

  • OM-59817 Add KIT Channel version check for Live workflow

  • OM-59814 Implement OmniLive 2.0

  • OM-43354 Client Lib 2.x and Live Workflow 2.0

  • OM-62617 Material from intl. models coming in as red and not exporting

  • OM-64012 BIM data not exported to links and BIM data not assigned to instances

  • OM-64605 During Live Edit, Moving Vegetation Updates But Leaves a Copy

  • OM-56798 Revit BIM data Parsing issue

  • OM-64607 Cars and Vegetation missing from model

  • OM-65444 Support Files Missing From Windows 11

  • OM-64592 Get Red Materials after merge

  • OM-65423 Live Session change material causes mesh positions to change

  • OM-66108 Certain actions cause duplicate objects in create

  • OM-66296 Update Usd Resolver 1.15.0

  • OM-64533 Getting Error When Unjoining Elements During A Live Sync

  • OM-70626 Create Doesn’t Recognize Active Live Session called “Default”

  • OM-70729 RME_Basic Sample Project isn’t Exporting correctly

  • OM-70567 Red Material on export


Live Workflow 2.0

Updated to the newest iteration of Live Workflow


Feature Notes

  • Updates are applied non-destructively

  • User is prompted to merge or discard changes at the end of the Live session

  • Most ribbon buttons are disabled during Live, Settings can be viewed but not modified

Scene Optimization

Scene Optimization options for exports, allowing users to optimize for reduced loading time or reduced memory

Feature Notes

  • Not compatible with Live Workflow 2.0

Send to Omniverse without Nucleus

Settings allow for an export directly from Revit to View or Create, saved locally to bypass using Nucleus


Feature Notes

  • Turned OFF by default, with files exporting to the user’s My Documents folder

  • Live Workflow requires Nucleus, turn off this setting and log in to Nucleus to use Live Workflow

RPC Element Support

Low-poly representations of RPC elements are now exported


Feature Notes

  • The Revit API does not allow us access to the Hi-fidelity components of RPC elements, swap out these families with Omniverse Assets!

  • Vegetation and Plantings are still mapped to Omniverse Assets when exported

  • When a planting cannot be matched to an Omniverse Asset, a default is chosen

BIM Data Exports

Improvements to BIM Data exported from models


Feature Notes

  • Display units are now used, instead of raw internal value

  • Link models exported also get BIM Data exported

  • When Family Instancing is turned on, BIM Data is assigned to instances

Material Exports

Improvements to Autodesk Material exports

Feature Notes

  • Materials are exported correctly when UTF-8 characters are encountered

  • Base material color is used when material asset cannot be processed