Connect 108.1.2158


  • OM-41967 Linked files in Revit 2020 do not export properly with the Export to Prop option.

  • OM-47278 Revit 2023 support needed

  • OM-47525 Revit Connector no longer exports BIM data

  • OM-47524 Need to improve the organization of the Revit model in USD

  • OM-48606 RPC tree changes are not working with Live Sync

  • OM-48541 Revit export error (referenced object is not valid)


Revit 2023 is now supported. The official list of supported versions is now 2021, 2022 and 2023. However, the Connector still works with 2020.

Family Data instancing is now fully supported when exporting to USD. This translates into a faster export as well as a smaller USD file. This is now the default mode for export. The settings dialog will remember if you turn this off. For large designs, we’ve found the export time to drop by 5-10x and file size by 5x.


Here is an example of an exported office building. The geometry for the windows are created once in the Family Data part of the stage and then each individual instance is truly referencing that geometry.