Isaac Sim Assets Overview

General Omniverse Content

General content for Omniverse is found on the NVIDIA Omniverse Mount on your Nucleus server. Within this mount is where you can find an assortment of useful goodies from textures to HDRI Skies to animated rigs. Each bit of content can be helpful for crafting new an imaginative scenes all while you learn your way through the Omniverse.

More information about this content can be found at Omniverse Mount Content.

Isaac Sim Content

Sample assets are available for download with the Omniverse Isaac Sim release. To use this content, you must download the files to a Nucleus server or create an Isaac Mount on a Nucleus server. All asset paths below are assumed to be relative to your Nucleus server.

More information about how to install this content can be found at Isaac Sim First Run or at Sample Assets.

Content Categories

The supported usds can put in four categories:

  • Environments include room, warehouses, and other scenes.

  • Robots include aerial, legged, and wheel based robots such as the Carter, as well as robotic manipulators like the Franka

  • Sensors include real life sensors such as the Hawk sensors

  • Props include the items to place in your scene, such as characters, other Miscellaneous assets, and april tags

  • Featured Assets include a landing pages for a select list of Isaac Sim Assets


Assets will take longer to load when they are accessed for the first time; robots may take multiple minutes to load and larger environment scenes may take as long as ten minutes or more.