Alibaba Cloud Deployment


Here are the requirements for running Omniverse Isaac Sim on Alibaba Cloud:

  • An Alibaba Cloud account with ECS Instance access that is able to create a Virtual Machine with GPU support.

  • A GPU-accelerated compute-optimized instance with the following recommended specifications:

    • GPU: NVIDIA Tesla T4

    • Instance type: ecs.gn6i-c40g1.10xlarge

    • Image: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS


To launch the Alibaba ECS Instance, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Alibaba Cloud homepage. Click Log In.

  2. Select RAM User to log in.

    Alibaba Cloud log in
  3. As shown in the figure below, click the upper left corner, select Cloud Server ECS, click Instance, click Create Instance to enter the instance creation interface.

    Create instance entry
    Create instance UI
  4. Create instance - basic configuration.

    As shown in the figure below, the basic configuration (configure as needed):

    • Choose payment mode

    • Select the region and available area

    • Select the instance, here select T4 GPU

    • The usage time of preemptible instances

    • Number of purchased instances: 1

    • Select image: Ubuntu, 18.04 64 bit

    • Select storage, and set the cloud disk size to 500G

    • Click Next: Network and Security Groups

    Basic config
  5. Create instance - Network and Security Group as shown below, network and security group (configure as needed).

    Network and security group
  6. Select the network, the user can select an existing network, such as isaac-sim-vpc-sh / vpc-uf6uov4wgyl1ru928mlbk in this example, or create a new VPC, click Go to the console to create>. A new private network can be created.

  7. Select a security group, the user can select an existing security group, such as isaac-sim-open-all-ports/sg-uf6ix68ocmepok99yn2v in this example, or create a new security group, click New Security Group>. You can create a new Security Group.


    • Special attention should be paid here, we must ensure that all the ports required by Isaac Sim are opened and secure.

    • For details, see Omniverse Streaming Client.

    Streaming ports
  8. Users can open ports as needed.

    Open network ports
  9. Click Next: System Configuration.

  10. Create instance - system configuration as shown below, the system configuration (configure as needed).

    • Login credentials, select key pair

    • Login name, select root

    • Key pair, you can choose an existing key, or create a new key, the key is a file in .pem format

    • Instance name

    • Click Next: Group Settings

    System configuration
  11. Create instance - group configuration.

    • The default setting is fine

    • Click Confirm Order

  12. Confirm order.

    • Click Create instance

    Create instance
  13. The instance has been created successfully, the user can start the instance, and then access the instance through the public network ip.

    Run instance
  14. See this page to install NVIDIA Drivers and other dependencies on the VM.

  15. Proceed to Container Deployment.