6.8. cuRobo

6.8.1. Learning Objectives

cuRobo (Repository ) is a high performance, GPU accelerated, robotics motion generation library for robot manipulators. cuRobo is a standalone Python library that interfaces with Omniverse Isaac Sim, so testing in simulation and deploying on real robots can be done with ease. This tutorial shows the installation for cuRobo , as well as the examples with Isaac Sim for collision-free inverse kinematics, motion planning, and reactive control (MPPI).


6.8.2. Getting Started


6.8.3. Installation

Please follow the cuRobo installation instructions for installing the cuRobo and required libraries. cuRobo supports both Omniverse Isaac Sim 2022.2.1, 2023.1.0 and newer. Follow the workstation installation instructions to install Omniverse Isaac Sim.

6.8.4. Examples Using Isaac Sim

The Using Isaac Sim tutorials have a series of standalone files about collision checking, motion generation, inverse kinematics, MPC, and multi-arm reacher for manipulator robots in Omniverse Isaac Sim. Depth Camera and Isaac Sim Interface

The Depth camera with Isaac Sim tutorials shows examples of using pre-generated nvblox map and online mapping with a Real Sense camera as contraints for motion generation with manipulators in Omniverse Isaac Sim