MoveIt 2


This tutorial is only supported on Linux.

Learning Objectives

This tutorial is supplementary to the Tutorials provided on the MoveIt Humble website.

Getting Started


Make sure to source your ROS 2 installation from the terminal before running Isaac Sim. If sourcing ROS 2 is a part of your bashrc then Isaac Sim can be run directly.


Running MoveIt 2 Tutorial in Docker

  1. Follow the instructions on the MoveIt Humble website to clone the repo, build the docker, and launch both Isaac Sim and Moveit via Python scripts.

  2. Once Rviz is launched, you can start playing with the planner. Under Planning Group, the hand option should be selected. Under Goal State, select open.

  3. Under Commands, click Plan. The planned movement of the hand will now be visualized.

  4. Click Execute. The hand will start moving as planned earlier.

  5. To plan the movement for the arm, under Planning Group, select panda_arm. Use the displayed arrows and rotation disks to set a goal position for the robot. Alternatively you can choose to select <random_valid> under Goal State.

  6. Under Commands, click on Plan followed by Execute to visualize the planned motion of the arm and then move it!

Running MoveIt 2 from Examples Menu

You can also load the tutorial environment directly from example menu in Isaac Sim, as oppose to launching it from a standalone script.

  1. Start an instance of Isaac Sim. Make sure the FASTRTPS_DEFAULT_PROFILES_FILE environment variable has been set.

  2. Enable the omni.isaac.ros2_bridge extension from the extension manager menu Window -> Extensions.

  3. Start with the same steps in MoveIt Tutorial. But instead of step 2, where the standalone python script is launched, load the environment by going to the menu Isaac Examples -> ROS2 -> MoveIt.

  4. Then continue on to step 3 and execute the docker command to launch MoveIt2.


If your Rviz window is showing a black screen for where the robot should be, you may need to update your mesa driver. Add the following commands to moveit2_tutorials/doc/how_to_guides/isaac_panda/.docker/Dockerfile after line 17.

# update mesa driver
RUN apt update && apt install -y software-properties-common && add-apt-repository ppa:kisak/kisak-mesa && apt install -y mesa-utils
RUN apt -y upgrade


Tips for running MoveIt2’s Isaac Sim tutorial.

Next Steps

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Further Learning