6. Motion Generation

Lula is a high-performance motion generation library for robotic manipulation. RMPflow provides real-time, reactive local policies to guide a robot manipulator to a task space target while avoiding dynamic obstacles. A suite of Rapidly-exploring Random Tree (RRT) algorithms, including RRT-Connect and JT-RRT, deliver global planning solutions in static environments. Additionally, the trajectory generation tools in Lula provide time-optimal trajectories given a set of c-space and task-space specifications. Finally, Lula provides interfaces to the performant forward and inverse kinematic solvers underpinning the higher-level motion generation tools.

Omniverse Isaac Sim also interfaces with CuRobo, a high performance, GPU accelerated, robotics motion generation library that adds additional features to Omniverse Isaac Sim such as batched collision-free inverse kinematics, collision-free motion planning, and reactive control with obstacles as meshes and nvblox maps. For more information, see the curobo documentation.