10.1. Overview & Getting Started

Isaac Sim Replicator is a collection of extensions (mainly omni.replicator), python APIs, workflows, and tools such as Replicator Composer (Replicator YAML) that enable a variety of synthetic data generation tasks.

10.1.1. The Semantics Schema Editor

To fully use the annotation capabilities of Replicator (e.g., semantic segmentation or 3d bounding boxes) the entities in the scene need to be semantically annotated. The Semantics Schema Editor extension is a GUI-based tool that can view, add, edit, or remove, class types or other key-value semantic information to prims in a stage.

To access the editor, navigate to Replicator > Semantics Schema Editor at the top of Kit. The editor will appear as a tab in the Properties pane by default.


For more information about the Semantics Schema Editor, please further refer to its documentation. For programmatically iterating and labeling a whole stage using various rules see the following example snippet as a starting point.

10.1.2. The Synthetic Data Visualizer

Visualizing the output of synthetic sensors is done through the visualizer visualizer tool in the Viewport window and selecting the desired output formats.


If the camera name is too long, the visualizer icon in the Viewport window might get obscured


For a more thorough introduction to the visualizer tool, please further read the Visualizing Synthetic Data tutorial in the omni.replicator documentation.


  • Cross Correspondence visualization requires a specific two-camera setup explained in the Cross Correspondence section of the annotator details page. Synthetic Data Visualizer Usage Example

Load the following warehouse stage that comes pre-labeled with semantic information:


  • In the Synthetic Data Visualizer, tick the sensors that you want to visualize

  • Press Visualize button to visualize output corresponding to the enabled sensors

Synthetic Data Visualizer output

10.1.3. The Synthetic Data Recorder

The Synthetic Data Recorder extension can be used as a GUI-based synthetic data acquisition tool built on top of Replicator’s API.


10.1.4. Additional Information

The On-Demand sessions: Synthetic Data Generation using the Omniverse Replicator SDK and How to Generate Synthetic Data for Training AI Models with Isaac Replicator, together with the Isaac Sim/Robotics Weekly Livestream: Synthetic Data Generation are additional recommended resources for a deeper understanding of Replicator.


Access to some On-Demand content is available only after completing the free registration to the NVIDIA Developer Network.