Prop Assets


Listed below are a few character available in Isaac-Sim.

Police Man

Male character in police uniform with retargeted skeleton.

Police Man

Asset Path: /Isaac/People/Characters/original_male_adult_police_04/male_adult_police_04.usd

Male Doctor

Male character in doctor uniform with retargeted skeleton.

Male Doctor

Asset Path: /Isaac/People/Characters/original_male_adult_medical_01/male_adult_medical_01.usd

Police Woman

Female character in police uniform with retargeted skeleton.

Police Woman

Asset Path: /Isaac/People/Characters/original_female_adult_police_02/female_adult_police_02.usd

Construction Worker

Male character in construction uniform with retargeted skeleton.

Construction Worker

Asset Path: /Isaac/People/Characters/original_male_adult_construction_03/male_adult_construction_03.usd


User can change a character’s clothing color by modifying material’s Property -> Material and Shader value

Here is an example of how to change male_adult_construction_03’s safety hat’s color

  • First, expand the character on the stage menu and navigate to their Looks folder. Example - /World/male_adult_construction_03/Looks.

  • Next, select your target material (Example - opaque__plastic__hardhat) and change material’s Property -> Material and Shader -> Albedo -> Color Tint value to adjust character’s color.

select male_adult_construction_03's hat's material
change hat color
change whole body color

Miscellaneous Assets


The Cartpole agent depicts a cart with a free-spinning pole on a frictionless track. It is based on the OpenAI Gym Cartpole problem.


Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Cartpole/cartpole.usd


The Humanoid asset depicts a humanoid agent with joints connecting appendages for emulating human movement. It is based on an asset from the DeepMind dm_control suite.


Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Humanoid/

  • humanoid.usd - Base Version.

  • humanoid_instanceable.usd - Base version set up to create multiple efficient clones for RL scenarios.


This is Jetracer, a research platform for autonomous driving.


Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/JetRacer/jetracer.usd


The NVIDIA Simple example provides a starting point to experiment with Isaac Robotics.

Simple Articulation

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Simple/simple_articulation.usd

Vehicle Example

The basic vehicle example provides a framework for creating mobile platforms.

Basic Vehicle

Asset Path: /Isaac/Robots/Vehicle/

April Tags

We provide a simple mdl material that can index into a April Tag mosaic image.

To use, add the material to your stage using Create->Isaac->April Tag-> or by dragging the following material into the stage from the content browser


Then create a mesh cube using Create->Mesh->Cube and assign the AprilTag material to that prim

The material has the following parameters which need to be configured:

  • Mosaic texture The path to the texture that contains the grid of April tag images

  • Tag Size The width/height of the tag in pixels

  • Tags Per Row The number of tag images per row in the mosaic

  • Spacing The number of padding pixels between each tag image

  • Tag ID The index of the tag to use.

Some sample mosaic textures are provided in /Isaac/Materials/AprilTag/Textures/

The figure below shows example usage using /Isaac/Materials/AprilTag/Textures/tag36h11.png

April Tag Example Usage