You can run many of the UI commands through omni.kit.commands.execute("CommandName", args). To find a list of available commands, and what args to use, open Window > Commands, then click on Search Commands. On the window that appears, you will find an extensive list of all the commands available, and their respective documentation. Each command comes from a source Extension, and enabling/disabling extensions will change the list of available commands.

Loading Stages Faster with Omniverse Cache

The first time you load a large stage, it may take a while for the materials to compile. Installing Omniverse Cache will help load the stage quicker each subsequent time.

See the Workstation Installation for how to install

Reparenting Assets

You can change how reparenting behaves under Edit > Preferences, and on the Stage Panel, scroll down to authoring. The Checkbox “Keep Prim world Transform when reparenting” lets you decide when reparenting if the objects remain in place or if they get moved to the parent’s frame of reference. You can use this to your advantage to apply offsets or change the parent’s origin without impacting the children elements.