Defined in carb/audio/AudioUtils.h

constexpr size_t carb::audio::getSpeakerFromSpeakerMode(SpeakerMode channelMask, size_t index)

retrieves an indexed speaker name from a speaker mode mask.

  • channelMask[in] the channel mask to retrieve one of the speaker names from. This must be a combination of one or more of the fSpeakerFlag* flags.

  • index[in] the zero based index of the speaker name to retrieve. This indicates which of the set speaker bits in the channel mask will be converted and returned.

Return values

kInvalidSpeakerName – if the index is out of range of the number of speakers in the given channel mask.


the index of the speaker name of the index-th speaker set in the given channel mask. This may be cast to a Speaker name if it is less than Speaker::eCount. If it is greater than or equal to Speaker::eCount, this would represent a custom unnamed speaker in the channel mask. This would be the index of the channel’s sample in each frame of output data for the given channel mask.