Release Notes

2021.1.1 Hot Fix

Changes, Fixes and Improvements

  • UI - Fix for menu ticks

  • CloudXR - Linux support

  • Physics - fixed rigidbody CCD

  • omni.ui - Fixed context menu (when 4 or more requested)

  • Graph - add same side connections

  • Fix Content Browser thumbnails for searched items

  • Update Linux nv_usd with parallel xform processing disabled in UsdImaging

  • zero gravity fixes - undo/redo raycast drag, Physics zero gravity -> zero…


This release focusses on bug fixes and stability improvements while also delivering a range of new features described below.

Zero Gravity

An exciting new way to place objects in a scene using a physically accurate placement method.

  • Gather: Using a specialized placement scale, gather up large numbers of assets.

  • Drop: Use simulated gravity to place objects

  • Nudge: Adjust the positions of assets by using physics to nudge one or many assets around.

See Documentation for More Information!

Cloud XR

Bring your tablet onto the omniverse with the Cloud XR Extension.

  • Select Android Tablets can now display Omniverse Scenes in Augmented Reality

See Documentation for More Information!

Web Streaming

Stream to a remote computer from your workstation or laptop.


See Documentation for More Information!

User Defined UI Layouts

You can now save and load custom window layouts.


See Documentation for More Information!

Floating Interface Windows

Detachable panels now adorn the Omniverse Create user interface.

  • Detach tabbed panels and float them outside main window or on secondary displays.

See Documentation for More Information!

Render Farm Dispatching

Need more speed? Now, Rendering agents can submit rendering jobs across multiple workstations.

  • Scalable render architecture.

  • Put less used machines to work on your rendering tasks.

See Documentation for More Information!

Remote Extension Repository

Remote extensions can now be loaded and updated directly within Create.


See Documentation for More Information!

Exports Scenes as FBX

Export Omniverse USD scenes back out to FBX or OBJ.


See Documentation for More Information!

Persistent Render Settings

Custom render setting presets can now be saved and loaded on command.


See Documentation for More Information!

Material Search Widget

An added search feature allows users to more quickly find and select the materials they are looking for.


See Documentation for More Information!

Character Controller

Set-up 3rd person character controllers.


Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

Asset Import/export

  • Update asset converter to fix export crash

  • Update asset importer to remove redundant material export

  • Fix obj crash when there is no material


  • Added step_size to FloatSlider

  • Fixed ui.Label word_wrap on multimonitor configuration

  • Restore docking order when loading layout

  • Fixed Label size when changing text

  • Fixing resize docking after reset

  • Fixed crash in detached menu

  • Fixed problems with layout when docking space is empty

  • Fixed menus and popups in application window

  • Fixed mouse_pressed_fn in FreeBezierCurve


  • Convert Flow menu to sub menu under Create menu.

  • FlowUsd. Migrate to omni.ui. Multithreading fix.

  • Fix Flickering in particles

  • Flow. Fix extension load error. Remove legacy renderer setting from UI.


  • Add an option to enforce certain extensions to be loaded before the registry

  • Remove unused registries


  • Expose reference instanceable in preferences

  • Fixed bad dropping behavior with specific USD assets

  • Fix crash in selection due to USD being accessed by 2 threads

  • Fix Instanceable flag when drag into Stage Window

  • PxrHydraEngine robustness when GL interop is faulty

  • Fix reference editing


  • remove unneeded/broken extensions

Content Browser

  • bug fix: slowness in populating directories

  • add visibility changed

  • Fixes artifacts in grid view of content browser


  • Catch exception while refreshing cards asynchronously.

  • Filepicker thumbnails mismatched to items in grid view

  • Filepicker changes, adds thumbnail for USD…

  • Filebrowser implements async directory listing for guarding stability against network delays

  • Filebrowser: Added vertical spacing to cards in grid view to better accommodate text label


  • Updated USD to ignore physics changes to prims.


  • Adding guard for window.title to avoid crashing in –no-window mode

  • Cleanup warning in the viewport

  • Workaround instanceable cannot be set unpickable by setting instanceable after mouse release

  • [usda_edit] Added support for usd_omni_wrapper

  • Fixed restore toolbar (when doing Window-Layout-Reset in Create)

  • movie capture fixes

  • Omni kit menu utils updates

  • menu.edit can capture viewport-only screenshots

  • Adding checks to allow Kit fail gracefully in Legacy mode…

  • cosmetic improvements for the rotate widget in transform property window

  • Instantly hide the Transform sub-frame UI when there is no xformOp exist in a prim

  • Setting random imgui context right after detaching…

  • Returning the resize event back to its original place…

  • Remove Omniverse from extensions title

  • Add a transformOp menu in the Add button to add the missing xformOps.

  • orient(shown as euler) property widget was not updating when rotating object in the viewport

  • [GXF] Fixed crash in TreeView

  • select invert fix for no default prim

  • Fix perf problems due to Tf.Notice leak in various property widgets

  • Disable live update and ‘save and replace’ for read-only layers

  • Fixed drag-and-drop from stageview to stage window

  • [omni.kit.window.viewport] Do not show xform gizmo for joints


  • Blacklist Pascal and Volta GPUs for ray-tracing

  • Set default value of allowCutoutOpacity to true

  • Improve load times in scenes with many small textures

2020.3.2 Hot Fix

Features, Changes, Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated to KIT 100.2.108-f5dd6556-release SDK

  • Added a UsdManager::advanceSyncScopes that releases all deferred resources

  • Fixed crashreporter: Now reports submission id to log

  • Better treatment for unrecognized primvar from USD

  • Fixed particle systems uv bug

  • Improved (MGPU) device selection on hybrid setups

  • Fixed a bug that was resulting in alpha-masked materials exported from UE4 not having allowCutoutOpacity set.


Create is a new application, so the changes here are with respect to the last version of the previous-gen Kit Application

Features, Changes, Fixes and Improvements


  • Content Browser
    • omni.kit.window.content_browser - new - A full replacement for the previous functionality implemented as a Python extension.

    • omni.kit.window.stageviewer - new - Inspect USD Stages in Memory from a content browser context menu

  • omni.ui
    • Many improvements and optimizations

    • New widgets such as multiline text-editor

    • Standalone omni.ui application to learn omni.ui

  • Property window and widget extensions, including a number of USD specific ones








  • FilePicker:
    • omni.kit.window.filepicker - new - A filepicker dialog that can be easily integrated into any Python extension.

  • Kit Microservices Framework
    • Improved, extended

    • omni.kit.window.render_farm

  • Thumbnail Generation Service


    • A thumbnailer service that generates thumbnails for local files (USD, Texture) as well as Omniverse files, and is integrated into the content browser (built with Kit Microservices)

  • Render Settings: New set of widgets written using omni.ui
    • omni.rtx.window.settings

    • omni.rtx.settings.core

    • omni.iray.settings.core

  • Movie Capture: new-gen capture tool which works with async rendering, IRay renderer
    • omni.kit.capture - core

    • omni.kit.window.movie_maker - UI

  • IRay
    • now fully supported as a renderer

  • Extensions System:
    • omni.kit.registry.nucleus Extensions Registry

    • omni.kit.window.extensions - new - Extensions UI/Browser

  • Hydra
    • omni.hydra.pxr - new - allow use of Pixar hydra render delegates in the Kit Viewport

    • Added hydra HdStorm support and add to Kit distro. (with support for USDPreviewSurface)

  • Script Editor:
    • omni.kit.window.script_editor - improved and updated

  • Console
    • omni.kit.console - improved and updated

  • Materials and MDL support
    • omni.kit.material.library - new

    • general improvements and updates

  • ImageViewer:
    • omni.kit.window.imageviewer - new

  • Asset Importer:
    • omni.kit.tool.asset_importer - many improvements and updates

  • Stage Widget:
    • omni.kit.widget.stage - improved and updated

  • USD Collector Tool:
    • omni.kit.tool.collect - rewritten

  • Omni::UI Graph Widget
    • omni.kit.widget.graph - improved and updated

  • Splash Screen
    • omni.kit.window.splash - new - startup splash screen for Omniverse Apps

  • Menu
    • - new - menu utils and hooks

    • omni.example.menu_hooks - Example how to modify menus using hooks

  • Layer Window
    • omni.kit.widget.layers - remove dependency on editor

Known Issues

  • OM-28303 Kit crashes on Linux systems with more than 2 GPUs while authenticating a connection to a newly added OV server

  • OM-28294 Dragging some assets is slow from Drag and Drop

  • OM-28258 Camera Started Rotating Non-Stop When Dragging In An Asset

  • OM-27923 Dome Light dont support Relative path when Referenced

  • OM-27898 Viewport Zooms in and Out When Scrolling Through New OS Window

  • OM-27897 Crash When Trying To Bring Property Window Back

  • OM-27890 DomeLight texture failed to upload When Dragging In Astronaut USD

  • OM-27873 Pressing the Go To button on a material doesn’t display it’s parameters

  • OM-27864 Need ability to hide menu + status bar

  • OM-27858 Flow Stays On The Menu Bar When Disabled

  • OM-27856 Remove Ability to Undo Extension Toggle

  • OM-27849 Content window shows a file size of 0.00 Mb for small files

  • OM-27821 Unable to open Folder Clicking On The Folder Icon

  • OM-27819 Crashed Opening Frank Delise’s Folder On OV-Content

  • OM-27797 Create: Script Editor Open/Save/Save As don’t work on Linux

  • OM-27753 460.48 and 465.10 Linux drivers cause Create to hang or crash at startup

  • OM-27747 Kit Remote mouse offset issue

  • OM-27732 Unchecking Instanceable Deselects Asset

  • OM-27662 Icons Sometimes Show up As Gray Squares

  • OM-27618 Dragging content into a layer in Create 2021.1.0-rc.13 does not work

  • OM-27614 Crash When Changing Refinement Parameters

  • OM-27547 You Can’t Orbit/Rotate Camera Around Without the Risk Of Affecting Physics Objects

  • OM-27532 Textbox Should Only Highlight When Dragging a File

  • OM-27480 Locate File Needs To Scroll Down To File

  • OM-27479 Locate File Button Doesn’t Work In Attic

  • OM-27472 Enabling fractional cutout opacity crashes Create

  • OM-27403 Duplicating a resized asset, that is part of the original scene, does not duplicate the assets scale

  • OM-27402 Bad Console Error Numbers

  • OM-27400 Unhiding a saved scene with point instancers does not work

  • OM-27395 Using the USDA Editor deletes geometry and materials from the scene

  • OM-27378 Exporting To FBX Doesn’t Export Lights

  • OM-27377 Exporting this Animation Fails to Animate

  • OM-27348 Teared Off window turns black and unmovable when you uncheck it from the Window panel

  • OM-27346 Unable to drag items from Content Browser while Teared Off

  • OM-27327 UX - currently opened stage must be saved in order to open a new stage

  • OM-27170 Menu Bar Doesn’t Drop Down Automatically For File, Edit and Create

  • OM-27086 Filepicker path issues under Linux

  • OM-27075 Refreshing the content browser window when a mdl or usd file in displayed causes Create to crash

  • OM-27059 Yellow Box That Showed File Details No Longer Displays When One Hovers Over A File in Create

  • OM-26790 Context menus of two Z-Stacked widgets triggered at the same time

  • OM-26737 Saving the Cloudy day template to Nucleus or local, but the environment map texture isn’t copied to there.

  • OM-26735 New From Stage Template with the default Z-up axis

  • OM-26729 Materials bound to instances don’t render

  • OM-26586 Content browser handles file URLs incorrectly

  • OM-26506 Kit - File Browser always starts with Omniverse and My Computer sections closed

  • OM-26389 Switching Render Context does not work when there’s only 1 context

  • OM-26361 Creating a camera from view should have its own command

  • OM-26296 The Mouse pointer no longer changes to a crosshair

  • OM-26094 Create folder window goes away and the enter keyboard key should be the same as hitting the OK button

  • OM-25998 Dragging In Animated USD Shows Up As T Pose Unless Dragged Into Layers

  • OM-25904 Menu buttons don’t react to mouse hover

  • OM-25728 Referenced Assets/USDs Don’t Highlight When Mousing Over MDLs

  • OM-25704 Drag and Drop should work without “waiting” for load

  • OM-25475 Selecting objects can take minutes with property panel

  • OM-25457 Property window scroll resets on the Ramp widget manipulation.

  • OM-25323 Kit; Shutdown Error in Content Browser

  • OM-25291 Cannot type local file path into content directory line

  • OM-25284 maximum “Camera Speed” in kit is very slow for large environments

  • OM-25272 Local paths don’t work when cut & paste

  • OM-25270 File dialog goes crazy when creating a new directory in ‘Documents’

  • OM-25267 Weird word wrapping on attributes in property editor

  • OM-25266 Can’t reload/reset extension after an error

  • OM-25254 Fix debugging kit/rendering with GDB on Linux

  • OM-25162 UI gets distorted in Render settings if you have a checkbox checked and then press rest settings.

  • OM-25095 MDL Compilation errors do not show up in the Kit/Create Log window

  • OM-25089 Cut and Paste doesn’t work in Create Linux

  • OM-24941 Click and Drag Content to Layer Should create Referenced Sublayer

  • OM-24930 Movie Capture Buttons Lost on the Bottom Of The Panel After Docking

  • OM-24803 Sound Doesn’t Work Unless Moved

  • OM-24684 test_kitchen_set sometimes crashes on Linux

  • OM-24470 Crash After Selecting Astro Mount Stage To Save And Replace With

  • OM-24448 Tons Of Assets from Create Menu Shows Settings As Not Default

  • OM-24290 Alignment issue for the embedded Image icon in a Button

  • OM-24286 Sound and Light Gizmo Not Hidden Correctly From Layers

  • OM-24239 Changing MDL in source asset isn’t updating subidentifier

  • OM-24098 Copy Of Attic Scene Crashes After Selecting All

  • OM-24072 Scenes missing default Prim causes tools not to work

  • OM-24046 Inconsistent behavior when dragging typeless references into Viewport vs Stage Window

  • OM-24004 Create Profiler has its buttons cut off even if you resize

  • OM-23851 Extension description pane details lost due to lack of horizontal scrolling

  • OM-23827 Create splash screen comes up on secondary display

  • OM-23747 Play sound files on double click

  • OM-23740 When copy and pasting a file in the same directory, user should be notified that file with same name already exists and given the option to rename the copy

  • OM-23737 Users cannot rename folders

  • OM-23709 Crash While Changing MDL Properties

  • OM-23666 Searching in content browser not working outside of Omniverse server

  • OM-23634 Can’t edit a field of type color3f in Kit

  • OM-23588 Toggle Seconds/Frames Button Is Cut In Half

  • OM-23577 Sound Stopped Working

  • OM-23507 Rotation Breaks Snapping After Using It A Few Times

  • OM-23494 Clicking and Dragging MDLs From There Name Fails To Drag

  • OM-23483 Slider for IOR gives values which are too large

  • OM-23413 Window Does Not Play With Quadro View Very Well

  • OM-23402 OmniPBR Values Are Very High

  • OM-23231 Crashes while closing stage using new omni.usd APIs

  • OM-23152 Create does not list connections added while opening usd that reference assets on unconnected server.

  • OM-23069 After connecting to server for the first time and getting through SSO, the server does not show up in Content Browser

  • OM-23061 Content 2.0 shows hidden files

  • OM-22998 USD Asset Resolving falls back to MDL Search Paths unexpectedly

  • OM-22869 Create not showing cursor when editing MIXED field

  • OM-22868 Translation manipulator switching Y-up in Create depending on camera view

  • OM-22699 Create rotate manipulator selection of view-axis does not work

  • OM-22530 I can rename or move prims when adding targets to relationship

  • OM-22430 Vehicle tests crashing randomly in omni.kit.widget.stage

  • OM-21843 During live edit, adjusting the colours on light causes a crash

  • OM-21553 Several users experience freezing or crashing when viewing changes being made during a Live Sync Session

  • OM-20940 High performance cost regenerating materials

  • OM-20761 Kit Live Edit large file generated circular artifact for two users in RTX Real-Time

  • OM-20461 Tesselation fails on concave polygons

  • OM-20426 muted layer flags turn back on when loading or referencing usd file with muted layers

  • OM-19726 Textures do not load from USDZ file

  • OM-19655 Save as forces the scene to reload

  • OM-19143 Allow Experiences to add Schemas to USD at Runtime

  • OM-18950 Support for anno::soft_range in the UI

  • OM-18775 Opening files should show progress of USD files loading

  • OM-18535 Script issues with ov server

  • OM-18486 OBJ import: poor naming of first individual mesh, and hierarchy is lost overall

  • OM-17148 Files added to a directory are not seen in OV Kit’s Content system

  • OM-17004 Omniverse Kit does not load textures embedded in USDZ files

  • OM-16974 Avoid lowering windows file paths

  • OM-16411 Pressing Shift key in TextBox causes assertion failure

  • OM-15739 Commands being added to command history and/or firing off events inconsistently

  • OM-15117 Kit randomly hangs on start on Linux when trying to register to USD plugin

  • OM-14737 F2 should be hotkey for rename function

  • OM-12976 OV Web Animation importer defaults to Y-up

  • OM-12550 Should not be passing current state values to Commands explicitly

  • OM-11748 Keyframing does not allow rotation angles outside the 0 to 360 degree range

  • OM-11730 Y and Z axes mismatch between screen UI and Details transform

  • OM-10933 Creating a new stage will still load mdls that opened before

  • OM-10752 Linux | Icon is missing in taskbar

  • OM-9337 hang during quit when stage loading not yet complete

  • OM-8484 Adding a Layer Causes Stuttering

  • OM-5834 Undo does not remove deltas

  • OM-5577 Users can delete objects in a scene while another user is moving it around

  • OM-5270 Kit lights do not accurately emit light color

  • OM-4613 writes Binary USDC into ASCII USDA files in live mode