Release Notes

2021.3.0 Highlights

MDL Material Graph

A node based editor of MDL Shaders and materials - omni.kit.window.material_graph


See Documentation for More Information

Paint Tool

Omniverse Create now has Paint Tool capabilities for painting meshes on other meshes. Exceptionally useful for grass, trees this tool makes quick work of landscapes and other tasks where non uniform repeated placement is required.


See Documentation for More Information

Sun Study

Offers a very accurate way to review a model with accurate sunlight.


See Documentation for More Information

Browser Extensions

To make quicker work of locating assets, scene, materials, and other types of content, focussed browsers now allow library access to all your favorite content.


See Documentation for More Information

Section Tool

A simple utility allowing users to do sectional cutaways of scenes.


See Documentation for More Information

Surface Instancer

The Surface Instancer extension allows users to replicate mesh prims over the surface of other mesh prims. This can be useful for creating water droplets on a surface, grass, hair, or any number of other examples where you need a variety of randomly placed objects on the surface of another object.


See Documentation for More Information


Sequencer is an animation tool who’s goal is to combine multiple animation clips and assemble them into a cinematic.

../_images/ext_sequencer_overview.png ../_images/ext_sequencer_overview.gif

See Documentation for More Information

USD Collections Widget (Preview)

Collections are a way to organise/group USD Prims and their properties in USD. This Widget allows you to create and manipulate them. They can be used to support collection-based material assignment, light-linking and any number of other applications


See Documentation for More Information


QuickSearch is a series of extensions which support a context-aware search paradigm with thumbnails, completion and a host of other features


See Documentation for More Information


Provides a user friendly way of adding keyframes and animations to prims in your scenes.


This is Windows only in this release, Linux is coming very soon


See Documentation for More Information


Enables the import and rendering of E57 point clouds


See Documentation for More Information

2021.3.0 Release Notes

Miscellaneous Extension Changes

  • Removed Camera Animation Tool extension - superseded by Keyframer

  • Removed xformConstraint extension

  • Removing omni.kit.window.render_farm, merge with movie_maker extension


  • Increase light cache limits with strided indexing

  • CloudXR updates to make tablet run smoother

  • OM-30794 and OM-33528: Fix SBT buffer reallocation size calculations and preallocate miss SBTRs

  • Update nv-usd with skel imaging and licensing fixes (release/102.0)

  • OM-27344, OM-25728: fixed set pickable flag for mesh instances

  • OM-25054: Fix picking and selection for wireframe

  • Expose Iray progression to script

  • omnihydra bypass render skelmesh process - rendering

  • Flow Zero Copy

  • OM-19726: USDZ support

  • Update to nv_usd with UsdShadeNodeGraph update support

  • OM-16711: Read MDL search paths form system config.

  • Various optimizations for material parameter authoring

  • Improved Gizmo Pick region for Rotation

  • update USD to force compute invBindTransform when initialize.

  • OM-30191: Update Carbonite to fix profiler

  • Update OpenVDB from v7.1.0 to v8.0.1

  • add more nodes, falloff material, constant texture… requires mdl 1.7 now.

  • Replace custom ShallowBuffer with built-in updated NanoVDB HostBuffer

  • Update nvenc package to Video Codec SDK 11.0.10

  • OM-30534: fix http:// and file:// prefixes in DataSource-OmniClient

  • Update carbonite to pick up settings fix

  • OM-30461: Add support for middle-mouse button in livestream plugin

  • OM-28008: kit-Next resizing crash fix, OpenGL interop clean ups

  • update usd to fix resync skelanimation prim together with skelroot’s visibility attribute.

  • Add support for meshToLevelSet to carb.volume

  • update usd to better support skelaimation prim resync

  • Update NanoVDB version from 28 to 29

  • Fix incorrect descriptor in Vulkan bottom level accel struct

  • Add function to create multires volumes to carb.volume

  • Flow DX12 Tiled Resources

  • revert client library that breaks UDIM read

  • Fix GraphicsCaptureFrame to properly create all directories

  • Scene delegate refactor

  • OM-29270: Update carbonite

  • Prototype for UsdGeomPoints support with Flow point emitter.

  • Remove UsdContext::isVisible and related plumbing

  • added scenedata functions, moved to mdl 1.6, fixed some warnings

  • Fix webrtc mouse issues

  • Update to nv_usd with parallel xform processing disabled in UsdImaging.

  • OM-23081: Update client-library to get list_subscribe python bindings

  • Feature/large worlds part1

  • Fix a mouse positioning BUG

  • OM-27423: Removing non-redist tags and updating repo_license

  • Update StreamSDK and fixing streaming client test freezes.

  • Update carbonite to remove select()

  • Removing PDBs that shouldn’t be in the kit package

  • Show mesh name for geomsubset warnings

  • Contains update to Vray SSS and Gradient Ramp Top-Bottom 3dsMax color correction

  • Repair livestream server signaling port settings

  • OM-26242: Checks in the GLinterop’s importExternalTexture

  • OM-27058: Fix crash with async carb.assets unloads

  • OM-27178 Update core material package to pickup new UE4 per instance random and Vray updates

  • Update nv_usd to pick up animationSource optimizations for UsdSkelImaging

  • Update nv_usd to pick up ability to process prototypes within overs

  • Update nv_usd to pick up UsdSkel restTransforms optimizations

  • [rtx.hydra] Don’t try to check instance array bounds when there are zero instances.

  • [rtx.hydra] Skip over and post warnings for instancers with mismatched attribute arrays.

  • Dxcompiler based on 1.6.2012.0 with opt before inline and forced lifetime.

  • OM-26082 Update package for omni_core_materials for UE4 black body

  • for Linux, close the blacklisted driver range in R460 at 460.32 (first public driver)

  • FlowUsd. Fix Threading Issues.

  • SceneDb multiviewport fix

  • Iray mesh handling cleanup and fixed skeletal mesh picking and updating

  • OM-25096 fixed shadow ray offsetting when the ray hits the surface in the back.

  • Unify PhysicalDevice used as the first member of a deviceGroup

  • Extensive improvements in mdltranslator to reduce the amount of code generated for the real-time.

  • Flow. Isosurface update. New flags. Point Emitter Allocation Caching.

  • OM-20483 Livestream - replace with native StreamSdk plugin

  • Better treatment for unrecognized primvar from USD

  • OM-25125 mesh fix for skeletal case

  • OM-24236: Flickering in particles

  • Merge branch ‘windows_path_canonicalize_1’ into ‘release/100.1’

  • add multipliers for LTC, turn off response from diffuse_transmission for reflectance(direct lighting…)

  • Update nv_usd to pick up usdSkelImaging fixes.

  • OM-25214: set default value of allowCutoutOpacity to true

  • fix flow PT fog interaction: add shadows of flow onto fog

  • Blacklist Pascal and Volta GPUs for raytracing. 2020.3 hotfix

  • CachedGI in PT wasn’t working due to newEntry==false always, so the counter of…

  • Changing legacy ImGui sampler addressing mode to mirrored repeat

  • More safeguards for invalid CDFs in voxels

  • Added mipLevelClamp option to SceneRenderer and ResourceManager

  • Fixed iray_max_path_length scene option default to use the one from the RTX settings

  • [rtx.hydra] Do not incur profiling overhead for no-op PostSyncs.

  • OM-24363 animation optimization

  • NVML GPU Stats with Dynamically Loaded NVML

  • OM-24807 View - Photo mode ends up creating fireflies

  • OM-24630: close the R460 driver black list range at 460.89, which has the fix for OM-24630

  • OM-24912: RT MGPU blending alpha fix

  • OM-24537: Real-time MGPU + sampled lighting fixes

  • OM-24802: Create threads on-demand

  • Disable skinning for meshes with incomplete data (OM-17944 / OM-24674)

  • Fix for slowdown caused by PSTF update from denoised GI

  • Enable GI in non-sampled lighting reflections.

  • replace driver type messaging with omniverse/driver download page URL

  • OM-23122 a few workaround to not crash the system while single vertex buffer exceed 4 GB

  • Prefer lod-clamp over BC when there aren’t enough mip-levels to do both

  • Fix crash when turning off OptiX denoiser with the “new attic” scene

  • Simple workaround for GPU profiler in nonAsyncMode

  • Blacklist r460 drivers for driver crashes

  • OM-24436: Fix flow in diffuse GI

  • Disabled the camera gizmos for iray to improve navigation speed

  • enabling packman chronicles for kit

  • OM-24380 - Compile-time setting string obfuscation

  • update omni-core-materials to omniverse/omni-core-materials@cc9877f8

  • Added ortho projection handling when the ray misses

  • Fix Python return value for save_volume

  • OM-23936 Fix pdf of surface contribution to MIS for sphere lights

  • Fixes dome light enable/disable which broke when optimizing dome light update performance.

  • Fixed temporal resource pointer ownership

  • Fixed issues with refl in transp & LC (after revert)

  • OM-20275: Fix instance order RTX hydra and update semantics

  • Fixed issues with refl in transp & LC

  • Fixing up some rot thats come from master

  • OM-21304 : support ‘enable_opacity’ parameter in materials to toggle use AHS.

  • OM-24257, OM-24268: Workaround for line rendering crashes

  • OM-23671 flip normal when triangle normal and normal are facing opposite, mostly happen on changing mesh orientation

  • Added support vkImageViewUsageCreateInfo

  • Fix 460 driver startup crash in vulkan with NVAPI header and float atomics

  • OM-24317: Fix iray tonemapper too dark

  • AutoExposure fix

  • Added null check for settings string

  • OM-24031: Fix MGPU translated world space

  • fix a couple of bugs in how we pass normals to ReLAX denoiser

  • DomeRt firefly improvements


  • OM-34524 Fix undefined behavior from std::set_difference operating on possibly unsorted vectors.

  • improvements to tetmesh adapter

  • [OM-25753] Payloads

  • [omni.usd] Explicitly create session layer, as usdview does.

  • OM-33762: Don’t allow to move prim under instance or instance proxy

  • OM-32784: Change precision of metersPerUnit to double

  • OM-27871, OM-33196, OM-18707: Improve grouping command performance

  • Added another way to detect troubles with RTX HydraEngine

  • OM-33286: fix audio so that it properly matches camera orientation

  • OM-32957: Fix issue that renaming prim will not refresh layer window

  • fix-PrimCaching-new-stage-listener

  • OM-32892: Save opened stage to recent after save-as

  • Layer Widgets: Auto authoring mode improvement to release/102

  • fix material load crash’

  • Fix Selection::isPrimPathSelected API

  • OM-31478: Audio: silenced some error messages from audio streamers with bad filenames.

  • Fix mangled MDL texture path on USD inputs

  • OM-31068: fixing “Save As” freeze

  • OM-29163: Add support to stitch prims to specific layer

  • Update material related property widgets, context menu, commands to support Collection-based Material Assignment

  • OM-30599: Audio: split the ‘Sound’ prims into two separate menu entries.

  • OM-30604: Audio: added a python API to control output capture streamers.

  • OM-30588 UsdMaterialWatcher: callback return after destructor fix

  • OM-30345: setting default value of instanceableOnCreatingReference to false

  • Fix material watcher crash caused by batch population

  • fix potential null pointer dereference

  • Fix mdl inputs not populated if addToPendingCreatingMdlPaths is called before material is created

  • OM-30186: Fixing crash when wrong default up axis value is in settings

  • OM-27871: Improve selection perf of large stage

  • physics package update, min frame rate changed to int value

  • OM-29335 Fixed invalid value in queryNextPickedWorldPosition. Allowed nested query within callback and added async version of python API

  • Add omni.usd.get_context().get_picked_world_pos()

  • clean up physics settings, added simulation min frame rate setting

  • OM-29031: Fix path resolve during stage save-as

  • OM-28942: fix sound prim crash

  • Clear pending picking on stage closing

  • Fix another deadlock in selection

  • Pass MDL param description to USD inputs documentation

  • fix_hydra_selection_crash

  • OM-18729 Moved omni.kit.utils.get_stage_next_free_path to omni.usd.get_stage_next_free_path. Added path validity check and tests.

  • OM-28541: Mark root layer dirty for set_pending_edit to give change to save render settings

  • OM-24250 Add option to populate MDL inputs on USD right after load.

  • OM-27912 Fixing MDL annotation missing on referenced asset if material USD input is already defined in asset.

  • Make Transform Manipulator and TransformPrimCommand work on Scale/Rotate/Translate individually instead of matrix

  • SetInstanceable as preference + workaround for instanceable ref picking bug.

  • OM-27061: re-enable ITD

  • [omni.usd] Avoid setting invalid edit target (USD coding error spewage)

  • OM-27257: Remove unused variables

  • OM-27205 Fix new Viewport Camera list

  • [OM-27150]Fix issue of setting transform of UsdUtils.

  • usdAbc support on debug builds, and on linux

  • [OM-26803]Add sequence USD schema

  • OM-27091: Use relative path to save muteness and authoring layer data

  • Fix USD callback

  • Add fail check for USD APIs. Revert delayed new stage.

  • OM-23808: several fixes to spatial audio calculations

  • Usd Utils setLocalTransformMatrix() optimization

  • Improve AssetsLoaded event, repurpose UsdContext.get_stage_loading_status to report assets loading info.

  • omni::kit::StageUpdateNodeDesc: order member does not seem to be taken into…

  • removing physics schema dependencies

  • Remove deprecated OmniClientLibrary wrapper

  • Temporarily disable RTX postprocessing when rendering asynchronously

  • Fix crash when removing sublayer in debug builds

  • Fix CreateReferenceCommand when passing in relative path

  • Fix crash upon initialization if OmniGraph plugin isn’t loaded

  • fix a layer info query crash issue when the attribute doesn’t have any authored value

  • OM-25520 Add UI support for tetrahedralMeshGap

  • OM-25688: workaround for audio corruption due to ITD

  • Merge branch ‘OM-24583_fix_local_reference_on_linux’ into ‘release/100.1’

  • Add Tet Mesh Adapter

  • Read default rotation order from setting and set to XYZ

  • OM-24949: Immediately free resources after unload stage

  • OM-24453: Save render settings before stage save so avoiding lost changed settings

  • Fix usdPreviewSurface support in the hydra storm viewport, pull change from release which copies needed shaders.

  • Add support to attach an opened stage

  • OM-25074 Adjust reference asset to stage up axis

  • OM-24663: Possible crash fix for ViewportWindow

  • OM-18945: Release GIL while creating a new stage to prevent hang


  • added UI payload support

  • OM-32713 Save and persist directory of last opened file across sessions.

  • [OM-33598] Exit dialog is modal

  • OM-33258: Don’t save read-only layers

  • OM-23998: Set default folder after opening recent and open from file menu

  • Fix save task conflict if there are any dirty layers before closing stage

  • Don’t set dirty flag for empty startup stage

  • OM-24453, OM-23526: Improve save-as when it saves on the same stage file

  • OM-34465: Add confirmation prompt for User to confirm sending a render to Omniverse Farm

  • Movie Maker. Make farm job type configurable

  • Fix OM-30570 add path trace samples per pixel settingg for iray mode captures

  • Resolve OM-29787 “Movie capture skip existing frames”

  • Warn on capture every Nth frame is checked if outpout file format is .mp4

  • Make movie capture window be aware of active renderer changed to iray

  • Add movie capture extension level settings so that users can start its window with custom initial values

  • Fix OM-26070

  • update movie maker’s change log and version

  • try an implementation of showing the custom aspect ratio on movie capture

  • fix the jumping number issue when mouse moves in and out input fields on the movie capture


  • handle prim name with space into release/102.0

  • OM-33854: Revert “Stage window - Doesn’t show prims that hidden flag is true.”

  • Show Missing Reference

  • Relationship Picker does not filter/highlight stage elements properly

  • adding stage window F2 to rename prim

  • [Stage] Context menu “Copy Prim” and “Paste Prim”

  • Improve stage window

  • [Stage] Additional checks the stage and prim are still valid

  • [Stage2] Quick Fix for OmniGraph

  • [stage] Exclusion types

  • Removing dependency that causes ImGUI assertion in Legacy mode

  • OM-26696: fix Stage Window Selecting World After Rename

  • Add stage filters for public UsdPhysics schema prims and apis.

  • [stage] bug in type_column_delegate

  • [Stage] The ability to add more columns

  • viewport drag and drop undo/redo


  • disabling load with meta-data by default

  • OM-32798 Rearranged ABI functions to be compatible with the 101.0 layout

  • Resolved attrib crash fix

  • Fix for crash in DS.

  • Add startupComputeGraph method needed by drivesim.

  • Speed up FC initialization time by taking advantage of cached downstream connections.

  • Fix for dependency ordering in execution evaluator

  • OM-27380 Refactored USD update to handle all types

  • disable -Wunused-function for graph attribute inline functions

  • OM-29490 Implemented a new interface for type extraction from strings

  • Make sure the evaluator gets notified when attributes and prims are connected and disconnected.

  • Add support for combining subgraphs with execution graph

  • OM-29095 Moved default scheduling node methods to NodeTypeDef

  • handles output bundle attributes and subgraph changes in node renaming

  • Fix race condition in RenderGraphScheduler map

  • Fix initial OG value flush again.

  • Removed an unused variable related to NodeTypeDef

  • Changed isInput to false for outputs in GraphContext::createNewNode

  • command to return an object

  • Bug fixes to support rehardening of union attributes on connection to…

  • Union types part5

  • Fix crash on trying to record movies with particle system.

  • Fix for initial USD to FC flush.

  • Patch to stop the crash when the OG extension is enabled while a file with python nodes is open.

  • Multiple global graphs

  • Fix more cases of incomplete NodeObj init

  • Make OmniGraph not overwrite prim in flatcache if it was already added by something else

  • Fix up a few places where NodeObj::nodeContextHandle is not initialized. Still many others…

  • Batched updates to usd.

  • OM-24395: OG thread safetly workaround

  • bugfix for a corner case where the evaluator misses scheduling a newly connected node

  • Fixed a couple small things in OmniGraph

  • OM-24395: Add OmniGraph postprocessing of RTX renderer output

  • Handle deep relative paths for non-ogn_connections.

  • Fix crash on startup of create when enabling OG.

  • Fix for creating prim nodes where it exists already.

  • Connection type persistence

  • Initialize empty relationship in flatcache to empty path

  • assertion criteria bugfix

  • Treat USD prim nodes with upstream connections as terminal

  • Node connect / disconnect callbacks


  • OM-33506 and OM-11420 (flatcache CUDA crash fix)

  • flatcache: Add get or create attribute

  • OM-31225: Add missing #include to fix omni physics build error

  • OM-30150: Only copy array attributes needed by OmniHydra

  • Support multiple flatcaches

  • Fix Flatcache prefetch and valid bit update for DriveSim

  • Fix unused variable errors that only show up on linux and in the drivesim repo.

  • Fix const usage in StageWithHistory get*Attribute* wrappers

  • Use const in StageInProgress read method, fixes build error in drivesim

  • Add read-only and write-only accessors to StageInProgress

  • Fix flatcache set intersection

  • Fix OM-25962 by supporting eTag in Type to TfType conversion

  • Flatcache change logging for PhysX and USD-style interface for flatcache

  • Add array attribute support to StageInProgress

  • Disable locking for size one ringbuffer

  • StageInProgress updates for drivesim

  • Fix flatcache debug spam

  • Merge flatcache stage with history from drivesim to master

  • OM-34280: Remove kgsPerUnit from layer property

  • Fix layer property window to change layer offset

  • OM-32950: Set color hint for missing sublayer


  • OM-34403: Remove grey area created in Open File dialog by Checkpoint widget

  • Content window persistant width of versioning panel

  • always show “create checkpoint” if server supported

  • stronger warning in filepicker delete dialog

  • Rezize checkpoints panel

  • OM-32729 Don’t try to connect to local windows path

  • Content Browser improvements

  • OM-25271-add-open-in-file-browser-context-menu

  • OM-29285: Improve options pane support for file picker

  • cleanly destroy filepicker dialog

  • OM-25646: : property window correct lower case local filenames

  • Filepicker regression fix: navigates to directory when creating dialog with current_directory value

  • Fixes Content browser bug - slowness in populating directories

  • Filepicker thumbnails mismatched to items in grid view


  • Updated version for context menu fix

  • OM-34176,OM-34196][content] Fixed context menu

  • OM-33160: Fixed crash: never destroy the default icon

  • OM-21156: Added drag and drop of multiselection

  • OM-30768: Make Filename column push to the right and not be totally absorbed by other columns.

  • OM-32851 fix to filepicker crash when navigating through browser bar

  • content browser always show versioning window when enabled

  • added overwrite dialog to filepicker copy

  • Improve content-browser navigation speed.

  • Trying to restore ImageWithProvider in ContentBrowser

  • Fix several issues with content browser and thumbnails.

  • Content misc. bug fixes

  • Add a default style switch logic for the core extension

  • Fixes content browser crash when refreshing large number of file changes

  • Replace ImageWithProvider with Image

  • OM-29866 Fixes: Kit crashes during Live Sync due to auto refresh in Content Browser

  • Filepicker auto-refreshes folders

  • Fixed filebrowser bug: thumbnail generator not called

  • OM-28899: Supports range selection with shift key in grid view

  • avoid calling scandir on file path

  • fix unconditional usage of self._grid_view which is only set in tree view


  • OM-34434: [omni.ui] Fixed crash when docking with script

  • [OM-31807: Fixed float drag when double clicking

  • [OM-29853: [omniui] Fixed crash in WindowHandle::isSelectedInDock

  • [omni.ui] dock_tab_bar_visible and dock_tab_bar_enabled

  • Adding HTTPS support to images

  • [omni.ui] shade for float and url style parameters

  • [omni.ui] Don’t block hovering state when popup window is on the screen

  • [omni.ui]: Make sure the target window can be found when trying to restore a layout

  • Skip invisible children in ui.Grid

  • [omni.ui] Float size of font

  • [omni.ui] Some Item methods are not abstract

  • [omni.ui] Fixed position property of docked window

  • [omni.ui] OM-29344: Fixed tooltips

  • Add omniui_api to callbackBase

  • Adding exporting decoration to omni::ui::CallbackHelper

  • OM-28700: Clean up the tree view item node cache recursively

  • [umni.ui] Introducing shades

  • Fix for the drag crash

  • [omni.ui] Memory management in callbacks

  • Add ellipse shape to omni ui

  • Change combobox droplist scrollbar background to be transparent

  • [omni.ui] Default style object


  • OM-34420: Added support for usd_omni_wrapper


  • [exts] Improve failure diagnostic, fix user config reset in precache tool

  • [exts] log more info on ext solver solution, fix precache tool upgrade mode

  • exts: add more logging and –upgrade for precache tool

  • exts: fix: do not generate version lock in case of failure

  • exts: fix runtime dependencies were not set (ext graph UI broken)

  • ext version lock: write more meta information into generated section

  • ext version lock: add optional overwrite flag support

  • add ext version lock generation in the same kit file

  • ext settings: ignore special directives from app merger (++ and @import@)

  • exit app when startup extensions fail to resolve

  • exts: only load .kit files as single file extensions

  • ext publish: embed kit version and date into package, show in UI

  • ext tests: select highest version by default, allow queries like

  • exts: more errors and checks for ext_id and version parsing

  • ext manager: prefer local extensions over remote (add a setting)

  • Do not write to extension.toml when publishing

  • exts: fs watcher paths setting to control amount of folder subscriptions for heavy extensions

  • fix kit global paths and versions

  • exts: excluded extensions, fix failure diagnostic message, UI minor fix

  • exts: ignore empty dicts of [[native.library]], [[native.plugin]], [[python.module]]

  • extension config generic filters support


  • OM-31441_remove_invalid_material_prims

  • OM-34143: Refresh invalid cache status for sublayers after on-the-fly save-as

  • OM-25941: Fix sublayer refresh from offine to live

  • Disable missing layer check by default for layer window

  • Fix save-as crash caused by invalid layer indentifier to 102.0

  • OM-32272, OM-31074: Add auto-authoring mode support to release/102

  • OM-31450: Allow to create/insert sublayer after right click empty space in layer window

  • OM-30842, OM-30843: Move layer reload to omni.usd as public APIs

  • OM-30512: New layer lock support

  • OM-30317: Fix drag and drop checkpoint layers

  • Fix flatten layers issue

  • Fix live mode UI refresh

  • OM-27871: Optimize ‘select invert’ and multiple prim specs delete

  • OM-29412, OM-28139: Fix flickering of save icon in live mode

  • OM-30120: Fix layer move

  • OM-29975: Fix issue that it disables contents display in layer window

  • OM-29857: Support to find layer in content browser

  • OM-29869, OM-28986: Improve font color of missing layer & fix possible exception

  • OM-28986: More improvement to layer style

  • OM-29254: Improve reload for omnvierse layer to sync latest server version

  • Layer window refactoring and tests improvement

  • OM-29540: Improve search perf of layer window

  • OM-29534: Improve layer referesh

  • OM-29401 Save All Layers button to create checkpoint when applicable

  • OM-29415: Fix issue of replacing edit target layer

  • OM-28986: New look for layer view

  • Quick fix of startup issue caused by MR 9445

  • OM-29278: Fix perf issue of array query from layer window

  • Enable the auto-scaling by disabling the PCP_DISABLE_TIME_SCALING_BY_LAYER_TCPS flag

  • OM-28623: Copy layer meta during layer transfer after creating the first sublayer

  • Revert payload name of item to fix extensions that extend context menu of layer window

  • OM-25676: Fix memory leak of layer window

  • OM-28266: Support to remove multiple prim specs

  • Revert “Merge branch ‘fix_texture_leak’ into ‘master’”

  • OM-25676: Fix memory leaks of ui.image and layers window

  • OM-27619: Fix drag and drop to layer window in list view of content window

  • OM-27872: Fix layer flatten

  • OM-21899 Add “Replaced with” checkpoint message when save over existing file

  • OM-25921: Add context menu support to insert usd as sublayer from coontent window

  • OM-25211: Add options to fetch latest if there are layer conflict

  • fix_layer_permission_issue

  • fix_valid_layer_open


  • improved-material-prim-list-monitor

  • create material menu doesn’t use full path for .mdl file

  • OM-13522: Content window bind material

  • Add setting to use original svg color for icons in create menu


  • OM-33212: WA to fix folder creation on network drive, fix commonpath issue

  • OM-31960: Fix possible naming conflict of collect tool for flat collection

  • OM-33250, OM-33212, OM-33113: Fix collect tool: allow to collect cross domain files, folder pick fix

  • OM-30001: Use copy with override from omni.client for collect tool

  • OM-29859: Improve collect tool to support collecting checkpoints


  • OM-34203: Fix possible hang of usdcontext after post quit

  • fix random omni.kit.console keyboard input causing test error

  • make portable config more flexible, allow apps make their own

  • run loop test and fix


  • OM-34271: Add ability to “deep link” into Preferences pages

  • move omnihydra skeladapter options ot preference page

  • Merge branch ‘OM-33173’ into ‘master’

  • OM-31529: Audio: fixed an error message from the “apply” button for audio device selection.

  • added feedback when /app/hydra/material/renderContext setting changed

  • preferences window adjust catagory width

  • OM-29397: new preferences UI

  • Fix crash when opening Preferences Window

  • add_stage_reload_hint_for_changing_mat_network


  • Flow Point Cloud Bugfix

  • Flow. Improve robustness of auto cell size.

  • Flow package update. Fix Smearing, improve performance.

  • Flow Sphere Bugfix

  • FlowUsd. Orthonormalize localToWorld before extracting rotation.

  • FlowUsd. Make property widget optional.

  • FlowUsd. Fix force simulate timestepping behavior.

  • FlowUsd. Workaround to force absoluteSimTime uniqueness.


  • OM-32652 Add more camera settings, show navigation speed on keyboard input, add inertia to WASD navigation

  • [OM-30764] Renaming camera should reassign the viewport camera

  • OM-34144 Make sure to clear drop target when dropped prim isn’t a UsdGeomXformable.

  • OM-31324 Check against Imgui::isMouseReleased to unstick the viewport, which…

  • Fix build issue caused by rebase

  • OM-31910: Fix null prim access after layer mute

  • OM-33588 Make orthographic cameras save out their position, not their target for 102.0

  • OM-27585: Clear stub camera in session layer after remove/rename

  • Brute force mouse-up on all non button events. (OM-31627, OM-31324)

  • Fixing crash on improper timeline input formatting

  • fix bad xform gizmo state that disables picking

  • fix_viewport_pick_ray_and_context_menu_when_resolution_doesnt_meet

  • orthographic fixes from 10909 and 10934

  • OM-30580: Clipping transform gizmo if it’s out of camera’s frustum

  • Add hook up to drag/drop for animation to be assigned to skeleton using setting

  • OM-29384 Add setting to control viewport drawable blocking behavior

  • The ability to use multiple contexts in multiple viewports

  • on camera duplication don’t include child prims

  • [Viewport] Draw cross when dragging a layer to viewport

  • Add is_content_region_hovered to viewport window (needed by OM-29557)

  • fix for mousewheel not working in viewport camera

  • Add IViewport texture resolution override

  • Clear UsdGeomBBoxCache in response to prim resyncs (e.g., changing variants)

  • OM-23854 Expose ViewportWindow picking getter/setter in python

  • OM-26361 Make duplicate viewport camera a python command

  • OM-27478 Support camera control on multiple viewports.

  • OM-27919 Change failed SceneRenderer error to warning

  • OM-25896 Sync ortho camera width between FreeCamera and USD

  • Make built-in camera’s xformOps and rotation types follow Preferences


  • OM-34145: Fix drag and drop from system to content browser

  • filepicker persistant width doesn’t effect dialogs

  • OM-32804 Resizing the window breaks checkpoint splitter bar

  • content browser show an dialog error message if copy fails

  • OM-29289 Handle and print exception in _copy_items callback

  • Add OpenVDB and NanoVDB icons to the content browser


  • Align usd thumbnail generation setting and enable by default.


  • Fixing driver range detection logic in compatibility checker

  • Add a button to open log file in compatibility checker notifications

  • Refactoring compat checker code for easier testing, adding couple of tests

  • OM-32133: Improved compatibility checker

  • Warn about RTX init failure in viewport

  • IApp: by default assume internal build

  • OM-32662: Fix python profiler and profile of few early loaded plugins

  • OM-19843: print location of user config

  • app version taken from kit file version by default

  • IApp shutdown sequence events

  • change user.config to load earlier, in regular config merge pipeline

  • OM-29991: fixing log file cannot be written if folder doesn’t exist

  • Allowing ++ syntax to create arrays when array is not present

  • Update carbonite to fix CARB_ASSERT, applyRange, etc.

  • portable paths args, test artifacts, python flags

  • python libraries stubgen


  • compute node widget

  • Omnigraph NE: add auto icons

  • Add node debugdrawline to omni.graph.ui

  • Fix: Omnigraph UI node deletion

  • OM-31248 OM-31247 Fixed ghosted text and node interface wrapper access

  • [OmniGraph] Fixed fail related to the new graph multiselection

  • Add left panel in Omnigraph UI

  • Enable connectPrim in OG’s NE.

  • Omnigraph NE: feature: use the metadata uiName to show the nodes in FastSearch and as a node name during the creation

  • Omnigraph NE: remove Warning: in SdfPath

  • Omnigraph NE: fix spamming message + loop flow direction

  • Omnigraph NE: fixes and features

  • Omnigraph NE: disable ConnectPrimCommand and DisconnectPrimCommand

  • Omnigraph: fix ConnectPrimCommand

  • Feature: Omnigraph auto disconnect input

  • Auto pan when the mouse is near the border

  • Use a custom data key to reverse attribute relationship flow

  • Fix regressions in Node Description Editor

  • Omnigraph fix: dont move subgraph node when an external node is moved and over the

  • Fix/omnigraph change

  • Omnigraph features and fixes

  • Fix/canvas features

  • Feature/vprim node editor

  • Omnigraph Editor fixes

  • Workaround for get_subgraphs() that return “/” for the current graph

  • Subgraph as backdrop


  • Render Settings Fixes: OM-32220, OM-32080, OM-25837, OM-28631

  • OM-20155L Fixed image leak in omni.rtx.window.settings

  • Render Settings: Propagate changes to Vector/Color settings immediately

  • OM-25608: Render Settings: Add “Burger” Menu for Load/Save/Reset

  • OM-24795: Fix Render Settings Crash

  • OM-24808/OM-24103: RenderSettings: File/Asset Picker Widget and Load/Save Settings in USD form


  • Added IBundle::removeAttribute (port of MR 10908 to release/102.0)

  • Fixes for extended attribs

  • Support for singleton node types

  • OM-31626 Added documentation and support for the singleton keyword

  • OM-31349 Fixed return value for tuple array data

  • Update schema and docs, tutorial for extended-attrib tests

  • Please welcome: omni.graph.action

  • Remove unneeded geo nodes and associated UI

  • Add support for explicit typed test cases

  • Add optimizations for Realm-based scheduling in OmniGraph

  • Patch to always create prim nodes at the root graph level

  • Convert time based deformer to use ogn

  • Fix for re-connecting extended attributes

  • Action graph - add more generic nodes for OM-31028

  • Generalize downstream connections metadata to handle fanout.

  • Fix extended type resolution for OM-30404

  • OM-29233 Refactored metadata to fix node type description

  • For OM-30325: Add GetLookAtRotation

  • Fixes and cleanup to execution graph for OM-30325

  • Bidirectional connections

  • OM-30579 Made the per-node data key more unique

  • OM-27380 Added node tags and namespace type name overrides

  • For OM-29793: First pass Get/Set attribute support for action graph

  • Refactor graph Attribute to use Type

  • ogn path support for kit-sdk package

  • Gather scatter

  • OM-29477 Restored old workaround for updating USD

  • Fix attribute compatibility check when destination is ‘any’

  • Added IAttribute::areAttrsCompatible to fix graph editor compatibility check

  • OM-29095 Change how prims are emptied to avoid an attribute bucket leak

  • Omnigraph: fix connect and disconnect prim from bundle attributes

  • OM-26367 Reorganized scripts to accommodate attribute data access etc

  • OM-25328 Added node support for the core

  • Create node inside a graph if a graph is selected

  • Add some nodes and test scenes for perf measurements.

  • Do not allow nodes with unknown types to be created. This is causing a crash in Drivesim.

  • Changed attribute type name “prim” to “bundle”

  • OM-27380 Renamed example nodes to match naming conventions

  • Multiple global graphs part2

  • OM-25328 Split the omni.graph.core extension into two

  • Fix for not able to acces OmnigraphHelper at initialization time.

  • enable the realm scheduler through the UI.

  • OM-27757 Refactored to get attribute handle from the attribute at compute time

  • wrap bundle functions for python

  • Interface to allow inputs/outputs/state to be added as union types. Bug and test fixes.

  • Union types

  • Use RenderVars to disambiguate between targets for OmniGraph postprocessing

  • Bump all OG related extensions to version 1.0.0

  • OM-23823 Got tuple bundled data extraction working

  • Dynamic scheduling default behavior

  • Clean up code for OmniGraph-RTX Postprocessing

  • Subgraph creation and rename functions

  • Execution connections

  • Different connection types plus bug fixes.

  • Add preview image to omni.graph.core and omni.graph.ui extensions. Improve description text.

  • OM-24202 Add handling of unspecified defaults to .ogn files

  • Add option for setting the default evaluator.


  • [OM-19848][UI Doc] Cosmetic fixes

  • [omni.ui][OM-29493] Fixed SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS_OFF

  • Set of tests


  • OM-33948: Wait more frames for usd paths to populate materials

  • OM-27201: usd_paths fix for too many items in list

  • OM-33261: Fixed issue with property window not showing layer metadata sometimes

  • OM-30902 OM-30926 Allow property window “notify” to be paused/resumed

  • Fix the background color for slider for NvidiaLight


  • OM-34024: Add progress notification about frame captures

  • Added the handling of path tracing iterations for capturing in Iray mode

  • Fix serialisation/deserialisation issues for CaptureOptions.

  • fix a regression the prevent capture every Nth frame from working

  • Add new movie type sunstudy into movie capture

  • Fix movie capture UI scroll issue and change mp4 images’ name pattern

  • Make movie capture support preroll frames

  • Make movie capture tool’s progress report more user friendly

  • Fix the movie capture time precision is a bit much issue

  • Let movie capture don’t use settings for PT in RT mode

  • Fix the movie capture doesn’t fix simulation step time issue

  • OM-24248 Make sure to setup XR compositing parameters when capturing movie alpha channel


  • exts global system cache

  • ext registry: fix index refresh API call

  • Make it possible to wait for indexes to be synced in the Kit service registries.


  • OM-30911: Add notification if default prim is missing in reference file

  • Add Audio category under viewport “Show By Type” menu

  • Adding missing IAppWindow Python bindings

  • Use const reference instead of reference for input parameter of UsdPrim in EditorUsd.

  • OM-25798: Stage window don’t select material after dragdrop

  • Add TetMeshAdapter’s .json file on Linux


  • livestream changes


  • OM-33350: remove undo redo stack limit

  • OM-24923: Fix exception caused by popping empty array


  • move omni.kit.window.profiler to kit-devtools

  • [omni.kit.window.profiler] Work around omni.kit.ui.Popup crashes


  • OM-26094 Makes popup dialogs modal and binds ENTER/ESC keys to their Okay/Cancel buttons

  • Support Enter and Esc keys by default to validate or cancel popup dialogs


  • Compatibility mode fixes


  • test system: match versions as strings, nil suite, more flexible app tests

  • extension test: treat kit file as an app

  • extension testing: allow select apps for tests and downloading them

  • physics package update, enabling physics tests again

  • exts: helper for finding ext_id and module + more test goodness

  • omni.kit.test: provide API to register custom test status callbacks

  • fix omni.kit.example.toolbar_button leak

  • material_swap leak fix

  • read and write auth for ext registry


  • Open checkpoint from Content Browser

  • Added username to content window checkpoint list


  • Removing redundant copy in renderer-rtx extension


  • fixed height of snap increment settings window

  • toolbutton_flyout_menu

  • Add “Context” to Toolbar


  • add point drawing functions to IDebugDraw

  • Rearrange order of operations in UsdFileOp


  • Removing omni.kit.window.render_farm, merge with movie_maker extension

  • Renderfarm UI improvements.


  • ext template: fix vscode folder not being packaged

  • OM-32600: omni.kit.window.extensions: extension template create button

  • make ext manager UI registry test more stable

  • extensions ui: sort by date, deps list toggle

  • Move extension autoload to be part of core startup, allowing to autoload lower lever extensions

  • exts: user extension folders + properties UI

  • exts UI: export/import of an extension

  • ext ui registries control, ext registries can now persist, properties ui improvements

  • [extension manager] fix reference to changelog, remove leading space from markdown headlines

  • extensions UI: “show feature only”, “show toggleable only”,

  • ext manager UI tweaks


  • [material_preview] Removed Material Preview

  • [material preview] Better usda for the preview swatch

  • Material Preview is running at the same process

  • Material preview remote render

  • [Material Editor] Removed material editor

  • added constructors, added remap, fixed json files to match.

  • Material compounds import/export

  • [Material Editor] Fixing creation of new nodes

  • [MatEditor] Redesigned left panel and added search


  • any multi-item material appear in create submenu

  • added add menu to viewport context menu


  • OM-28946: hook up telemetry in 102

  • OM-30913: Support to find reference or payload in browser if prim has authored references or payloads

  • OM-30427: Add missing color for missing reference in property window

  • property references only show checkpoint when supported

  • OM-27389: Fixed the format of FloatDrag

  • OM-25481: context menu add menu

  • property window added text clear button

  • Fix options pane builder for adding reference

  • property window handle large selections

  • property widget disable connection editing

  • OM-18950 OM-23483 Support hard range (in model) vs soft range (in widget) for USD property widget

  • OM-29905 Fixed Search in Add Target(s) window of relationship widget.

  • OM-28913 Add support for SdfTimeCode type in USD Property Widget

  • OM-6064 Support nested display group in USD property widget + MDL nested group annotation

  • OM-27272: * Enable multi-tasks collecting, * Improve usd-only collect

  • Fix Non-default icon not resetting when drag value to default.

  • Fix references widget not showing broken ref

  • OM-27329 Update SdfAssetPath to USD in Propery Widget only when EditEnd.

  • Use PrimCompositionQuery to find references and introducing layers

  • Show schema default value on USD Property Widget if the Attribute value is undefined in USD file.

  • generate_property_window_documentations

  • special_default_value_for_xformOp_scale

  • OM-23363: Improve the property window light style

  • OM-24865: Fix add reference old stage issue

  • Merge branch ‘property-window-reset-fixes’ into ‘master’

  • Property window raw empty fix

  • support_schema_default_value

  • one_click_reset_in_property_window

  • property-window-add-reference-refreshes


  • Add UI renderer device driver info to crash metadata, fix…

  • Fixing crash in the app icon setting path

  • add setting to set app icon on windows to omni.appwindow

  • API to set DPI override [breaks carb::imgui::ImGui->1.0 and omni::kit::IAppWindowFactory->2.0]

  • menu file save grey-out on non-writeable files

  • fix %% characters in recent menu

  • OM-32928 - Check that the menu exists in the dictionary before trying to update check state.

  • Re-enable original svg color for editor menu

  • Add forceEditorMenu for View

  • OM-26609: fix for submenu merge issue

  • OM-26609: Omni kit menu utils updates

  • OM-24331: Menu reordering fix


  • OM-28437: support for /app/renderer/skipWhileMinimized in Next

  • OM-29345: double the default ImGui vertex stream buffer size

  • Moved comparison function into a separate extension, fixed ImGuiRenderer default window attachment

  • Fix graphics leaks + some minor fixes

  • OM-28438: Adding acquire semaphore logic

  • Fixing debug names for IRenderer textures, changing the graphics objects leak error->warning


  • Remove the asyncio loop from the splash screen


  • OM-32145: script editor window: add more font sizes using font scale


  • Omnihydra blendshape

  • omnihydra bypass render skelmesh process - kit

  • Add a switch to explicitly bypass RTX skinning shader

  • [omni.hydra.ui, omni.hydra.examples] Conform with omni.ui API

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Properly set up gprim prototypes, and restore ability to ignore USD writes


  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Do not create duplicate cache entries, and properly deregister ptinst entries.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Support ancestral xforms for ptinst prototypes

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Ensure proper refresh when purpose is authored.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Propagate dirty instancer bits first to ensure proper prototype dirtiness

  • OM-28034 integrate omni hydra skel adapter to kit master

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Do not populate ptinst protoypes with their scene paths as cache paths.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Correct IDs when point instancer prototypes have multiple gprim descendents

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Correct precision for SetInstanceTransform after omniverse/kit@7ed8a01d

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Don’t update the delegate cache 5x per iteration.

  • Make flatcache notice handling and fastcacheAPI use of flatcache more robust during reparenting

  • [rtx.hydra, omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Several fixes for scenegraph and point instancing.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Skip expired xformOps.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Stabilize handling of scenegraph instances within PointInstancers.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Restore point instancer updates.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Disable instancing by default (fall back to UsdImaging instancing support)

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Properly handle xformOps with 1 timesample.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Ignore xformOps that have no authored values.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Support non-constant primvar interpolation

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Restore validity check for invalid prim IDs (lost in !8193)

  • Changes to integrate StageWithHistory/Flatcache with Hydra.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Skip invalid cached prims upon resync.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Provide virtual dtors for adapters.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Guard against invalid delegate cache in fastcache API.

  • [omni.hydra.scene_delegate] Ignore non-xform bits for lights in PostSync


  • Minor adjustment of notification layout to avoid too much space to the right border

  • Disable notification for session layer to mis-report builtin overriden

  • OM-27755, OM-27681: Initialize notification manager extension


  • USD: Enable AnimationSchemaTool and upgrade version


  • remove deepwall for now


  • combined versioning “Save with Comment” with “Save”

  • OM-29949 fix stage with only rootlayer cannot save checkpoint

  • Restore client library version that supports reading checkpoint

  • OM-29064 Make Save and Save with Comment unified UI

  • OM-29864 Make the icon path work inside and outside of Kit

  • OM-30596 Added support for attribute and memory type template parameters

  • Set context on state attributes in OGN Database class

  • OM-27380 Rename unwritable file tag

  • Avoid regenerating identical ogn files

  • Write ogn attribute description to metadata

  • OM-23823 Added bundle data tutorial and support for tests it will use

  • OM-23822 Fixed naming for input bundle attributes


  • [GraphView] Fixed display_color, added icon and preview to the model

  • [GraphView] White border for rectangle selection

  • [MDL Editor] Multiple Selection

  • fix material editor exception when opening material

  • fix input_is_target_connection flag in GraphView when virtual_ports is disabled

  • fix spelling in various places

  • reduce dependency of omni.kit.widget.graph from usd to usd.libs

  • [graph] call destroy() for all delegates from the router

  • [omni.ui] Fixed broken scroll zoom in CanvasFrame

  • [Material Editor] Grouping of ports

  • [Material Editor] Reverted “Grouping of ports”

  • [Material Editor] Grouping of ports


  • Fix OM-25735 (Video Encoding Wrong Year)

  • [OM-27159] Take into account buffer argument in bindings

  • Allow underscores in IDL urls

  • Fix services client for IDL transports


  • GPU Foundation extension / factory


  • new stage template sunflowers

  • OM-25421 Fix prim not following xformOp preferences. Reduce duplicate code among CreatePrimWithDefaultXformCommand, CreatePrimCommand and CreateDefaultXformOnPrimCommand.


  • Fixing HTTP access in ImageWithProvider scheme


  • Fixed for Http supprot in ui.Image and ui.ImageWithProvider / Update Client Libs

  • property window don’t build RawUsdProperties when frame is closed

  • OM-22443: visibleInPrimaryRay default value changed to True

  • Handle omni.client’s singleton behaviour in multiprocessed environments.


  • [Stage] Fixed Stage window when creating second USD Context

  • Simplify https transport


  • OM-30770: Fixed crash in column delegate of content

  • Catch TransportError in case connection is lost


  • Move Progress Monitor to kit-windows repo

  • Download, Cache Monitor


  • fix hydra viewport crashes, lighting, and picking


  • Added dependency to quicklayout

  • OM-30461: Reorder application button indices to reflect ImGui button indices.

  • Clean up splash screen, remove mdl_preview service

  • Kit services, data encoding/decoding functionality

  • Kit Services: Make connections persistable to enable connection pooling for aiohttp


  • Re-cleanup kit core

  • Clean up Kit Core


  • Fix dpi issue of viewport widgets extension

  • OM-27638: Adding naming widget under camera for multi-user collaboration


  • OM-27968: cleaned up the ISerializer acquire calls in Kit to specify the plugin that is expected.


  • OM-30186: settings widget fix preferences window usage of combobox value


  • Move default* settings from toolbar to timeline extension.


  • Fixed compile error in BundleContents::insertBundle

  • OM-29095 Filled in missing pieces to call scheduling nodes

  • Resolve OM-27627 “Kpicott//refactor for consistency”

  • Revert select menu

  • Moved Select commands to Select menu and expanded commands

  • material widget fix common attributes with multi select

  • material property widget support NodeGraph shaders

  • OM-28458: material property widget search with icon

  • material property widget show outputs last

  • OM-27873: material property widget handle relationship in attribute list

  • fix material search issue with long lists


  • Initial work for Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V


  • Fix mismatch in realm option


  • IRay - remove old settings extension, change name to Iray where possible

  • fix om-29869: Errors when erasing Instanced assets

  • transform widget changes

  • TransformOp context menu for the Add button in the property window

  • OM-29408: Add settings for high quality shapes generation

  • New create menu

  • OM-26128: parent prims handle instanceable prims

  • OM-26553: menu.edit can capture viewport-only screenshots

  • OM-19000: updated edit menu to use new omni.kit.file.util


  • Fix more OmniGraph related Linux compiler warnings

  • fix displacement operators

  • Fix for omitted edit by gitignore.

  • Fixes for omni.graph.nodes

  • Fix for omni.graph.nodes extension to not crash Create


  • Make ansel working without omni.kit.editor


  • Separate extensions omni.kit.asset_converter and omni.kit.tool.asset_importer

  • Remove old editor and content window dependencies for layers, asset importer, and collector extensions

  • Update asset importer to fix dir creation issue

  • OM-17641: Update asset importer to support light import


  • Support multiple OS windows in omni.kit.renderer.capture

  • Proper memory ownership for captures, cleaned up code


  • Autocapture improvements

  • OM-26667: Autocapture can record GPU performance JSON

  • OM-26667: Autocapture helper

  • OM-27614 Added [0, 5] soft range for refinementLevel

  • OM-25471: property window show doNotCastShadows inverted

  • fix crash fast search when right click

  • FastSearch: click on a item to create it


  • Fix cube generation if object origin is not [0, 0, 0]

  • create menu mesh exception fix


  • [omni.usd.libs] Add Alembic binaries.


  • OM-26128: Added prim parent/unparent to edit menu

  • Stage payload bug fix + TogglePayLoadLoadSelectedPrimsCommand


  • Update sequence USD schema


  • removed physx dlls from physics schema


  • Fix WebRTC default signaling transport protocol.

  • Livestream extensions fixup


  • OM-20774: Create omni.kit.widget.prompt extension


  • Splash screen improvements [breaking omni::splash::ISplashScreen->1.0]

  • default splash screen, ext UI tweaks


  • Move CEF out of the Kit repo

  • CEF download handler

  • Updating CEF version and copying license to the extension folder

  • CEF: cleanup and source code restructruization

  • CEF: javascript query API support + assorted fixes

  • CEF: fixed crash on exit and improved keyboard handling

  • Kit CEF integration


  • remove webview, example.depndent_ext, omni.kit.default, few old files


  • remove legacy extensions


  • python debugger extension


  • allow_setting_eventloop_type


  • Set livestream enabled when enabling native streaming, Disable throttling when streaming

  • Fix the tcp socket transport.


  • Fix “open” command when run with autoexec.lst

  • OM-25044: Fix for crash when log string is too long

  • OM-25044: Fix memory corruption crash


  • dependency cleanup and bugfix

  • expression node - remove importing deprecated or unused modules

  • remove pipapi installation of asteval and torch from OgnExpression


  • From DriveSim: Update asset converter to support converting specified up-zxis

  • OM-27182: Update asset converter to fix export crash

  • OM-26197: Add animation export support for asset converter

  • OM-23153: Reorg omni.kit.tool.asset_importer to service and UI extension

  • Registry service with S3 and Nucleus backends


  • Status bar complies to hideUI setting

  • Agent improvements


  • [OM-25515]Move skelvis extension to animation repo

  • [OM-25202]Fix performance issue of skelvis extension.

  • [OM-25176]Codes refactoring for skeleton visualization.

  • [OM-23537]Pick skeleton joint regardless of current picking mode

  • [OM-24678]Fix a bug that skeleton visualization sometimes doesn’t refresh


  • Add kit Numpy Commons extension to introduce numpy dtypes binding


  • OmniHydra - Scene graph instancing support (OM-24915)


  • Updated old preferences window to use new


  • omni.ui documentation format


  • Reduce the time Kit-Next hangs with undocked UI on startup


  • Remove isaac shapenet extension from kit sdk


  • OM-25034 Fix MDL drag and drop undo group


  • OM-24612: Create now loads carb.glinterop.plugin


  • [OM-24254]Add UsdEditTargetUndo.


  • Add drc extension support for Draco plug-in

  • OM-32094: add feature flag to many user facing extensions

  • Adding support for thumbnail generation in all of the various filepicker widgets

  • OM-17238: Custom material dialog

  • update carbonite…ITokens breaking change

  • OM-12546 Command name suffix removal

  • OM-29949 Fix Save with Comment menu state

  • OM-29961 remove checkpoint from Save As

  • OM-29953 restore checkpoint context menu on all column

  • OM-27536 OM-27643 OM-27642 OM-29174 Reference Checkpoint

  • add stage widget context menu to open in material_graph

  • Rename omni.assets -> omni.assets.plugins

  • Support for loading USD schemas as extensions

  • [omni.ui][OM-27463] Option for smooth zoom for CanvasFrame

  • Create/List/Restore Checkpoint

  • Add usdAbc support

  • Remove Omniverse from extensions title

  • switch to python 3.7

  • Workaround latency issues in multi-os-window

2021.1.1 Hot Fix

Changes, Fixes and Improvements

  • UI - Fix for menu ticks

  • CloudXR - Linux support

  • Physics - fixed rigidbody CCD

  • omni.ui - Fixed context menu (when 4 or more requested)

  • Graph - add same side connections

  • Fix Content Browser thumbnails for searched items

  • Update Linux nv_usd with parallel xform processing disabled in UsdImaging

  • zero gravity fixes - undo/redo raycast drag, Physics zero gravity -> zero…

2021.1 Release Notes

Asset Import/export

  • Update asset converter to fix export crash

  • Update asset importer to remove redundant material export

  • Fix obj crash when there is no material


  • Added step_size to FloatSlider

  • Fixed ui.Label word_wrap on multimonitor configuration

  • Restore docking order when loading layout

  • Fixed Label size when changing text

  • Fixing resize docking after reset

  • Fixed crash in detached menu

  • Fixed problems with layout when docking space is empty

  • Fixed menus and popups in application window

  • Fixed mouse_pressed_fn in FreeBezierCurve


  • Convert Flow menu to sub menu under Create menu.

  • FlowUsd. Migrate to omni.ui. Multithreading fix.

  • Fix Flickering in particles

  • Flow. Fix extension load error. Remove legacy renderer setting from UI.


  • Add an option to enforce certain extensions to be loaded before the registry

  • Remove unused registries


  • Expose reference instanceable in preferences

  • Fixed bad dropping behavior with specific USD assets

  • Fix crash in selection due to USD being accessed by 2 threads

  • Fix Instanceable flag when drag into Stage Window

  • PxrHydraEngine robustness when GL interop is faulty

  • Fix reference editing


  • remove unneeded/broken extensions

Content Browser

  • bug fix: slowness in populating directories

  • add visibility changed

  • Fixes artifacts in grid view of content browser


  • Catch exception while refreshing cards asynchronously.

  • Filepicker thumbnails mismatched to items in grid view

  • Filepicker changes, adds thumbnail for USD…

  • Filebrowser implements async directory listing for guarding stability against network delays

  • Filebrowser: Added vertical spacing to cards in grid view to better accommodate text label


  • Updated USD to ignore physics changes to prims.


  • Adding guard for window.title to avoid crashing in –no-window mode

  • Cleanup warning in the viewport

  • Workaround instanceable cannot be set unpickable by setting instanceable after mouse release

  • [usda_edit] Added support for usd_omni_wrapper

  • Fixed restore toolbar (when doing Window-Layout-Reset in Create)

  • movie capture fixes

  • Omni kit menu utils updates

  • menu.edit can capture viewport-only screenshots

  • Adding checks to allow Kit fail gracefully in Legacy mode…

  • cosmetic improvements for the rotate widget in transform property window

  • Instantly hide the Transform sub-frame UI when there is no xformOp exist in a prim

  • Setting random imgui context right after detaching…

  • Returning the resize event back to its original place…

  • Remove Omniverse from extensions title

  • Add a transformOp menu in the Add button to add the missing xformOps.

  • orient(shown as euler) property widget was not updating when rotating object in the viewport

  • [GXF] Fixed crash in TreeView

  • select invert fix for no default prim

  • Fix perf problems due to Tf.Notice leak in various property widgets

  • Disable live update and ‘save and replace’ for read-only layers

  • Fixed drag-and-drop from stageview to stage window

  • [omni.kit.window.viewport] Do not show xform gizmo for joints


  • Blacklist Pascal and Volta GPUs for ray-tracing

  • Set default value of allowCutoutOpacity to true

  • Improve load times in scenes with many small textures

2021.1 Release Highlights

This release focuses on bug fixes and stability improvements while also delivering a range of new features described below.

Zero Gravity

An exciting new way to place objects in a scene using a physically accurate placement method.

  • Gather: Using a specialized placement scale, gather up large numbers of assets.

  • Drop: Use simulated gravity to place objects

  • Nudge: Adjust the positions of assets by using physics to nudge one or many assets around.

See Documentation for More Information

Cloud XR

Bring your tablet onto the omniverse with the Cloud XR Extension.

  • Select Android Tablets can now display Omniverse Scenes in Augmented Reality

See Documentation for More Information

Web Streaming

Stream to a remote computer from your workstation or laptop.


See Documentation for More Information

User Defined UI Layouts

You can now save and load custom window layouts.


See Documentation for More Information

Floating Interface Windows

Detachable panels now adorn the Omniverse Create user interface.

  • Detach tabbed panels and float them outside main window or on secondary displays.

See Documentation for More Information

Render Farm Dispatching

Need more speed? Now, Rendering agents can submit rendering jobs across multiple workstations.

  • Scalable render architecture.

  • Put less used machines to work on your rendering tasks.

See Documentation for More Information

Remote Extension Repository

Remote extensions can now be loaded and updated directly within Create.


See Documentation for More Information

Exports Scenes as FBX

Export Omniverse USD scenes back out to FBX or OBJ.


See Documentation for More Information

Persistent Render Settings

Custom render setting presets can now be saved and loaded on command.


See Documentation for More Information

Material Search Widget

An added search feature allows users to more quickly find and select the materials they are looking for.


See Documentation for More Information

Character Controller

Set-up 3rd person character controllers.


2020.3.2 Hot Fix

Features, Changes, Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated to KIT 100.2.108-f5dd6556-release SDK

  • Added a UsdManager::advanceSyncScopes that releases all deferred resources

  • Fixed crashreporter: Now reports submission id to log

  • Better treatment for unrecognized primvar from USD

  • Fixed particle systems uv bug

  • Improved (MGPU) device selection on hybrid setups

  • Fixed a bug that was resulting in alpha-masked materials exported from UE4 not having allowCutoutOpacity set.

2020.3 Release Notes

Create is a new application, so the changes here are with respect to the last version of the previous-gen Kit Application

Features, Changes, Fixes and Improvements


  • Content Browser
    • omni.kit.window.content_browser - new - A full replacement for the previous functionality implemented as a Python extension.

    • omni.kit.window.stageviewer - new - Inspect USD Stages in Memory from a content browser context menu

  • omni.ui
    • Many improvements and optimizations

    • New widgets such as multiline text-editor

    • Standalone omni.ui application to learn omni.ui

  • Property window and widget extensions, including a number of USD specific ones








  • FilePicker:
    • omni.kit.window.filepicker - new - A filepicker dialog that can be easily integrated into any Python extension.

  • Kit Microservices Framework
    • Improved, extended

    • omni.kit.window.render_farm

  • Thumbnail Generation Service


    • A thumbnailer service that generates thumbnails for local files (USD, Texture) as well as Omniverse files, and is integrated into the content browser (built with Kit Microservices)

  • Render Settings: New set of widgets written using omni.ui
    • omni.rtx.window.settings

    • omni.rtx.settings.core

    • omni.iray.settings.core

  • Movie Capture: new-gen capture tool which works with async rendering, IRay renderer
    • omni.kit.capture - core

    • omni.kit.window.movie_maker - UI

  • IRay
    • now fully supported as a renderer

  • Extensions System:
    • omni.kit.registry.nucleus Extensions Registry

    • omni.kit.window.extensions - new - Extensions UI/Browser

  • Hydra
    • omni.hydra.pxr - new - allow use of Pixar hydra render delegates in the Kit Viewport

    • Added hydra HdStorm support and add to Kit distro. (with support for USDPreviewSurface)

  • Script Editor:
    • omni.kit.window.script_editor - improved and updated

  • Console
    • omni.kit.console - improved and updated

  • Materials and MDL support
    • omni.kit.material.library - new

    • general improvements and updates

  • ImageViewer:
    • omni.kit.window.imageviewer - new

  • Asset Importer:
    • omni.kit.tool.asset_importer - many improvements and updates

  • Stage Widget:
    • omni.kit.widget.stage - improved and updated

  • USD Collector Tool:
    • omni.kit.tool.collect - rewritten

  • Omni::UI Graph Widget
    • omni.kit.widget.graph - improved and updated

  • Splash Screen
    • omni.kit.window.splash - new - startup splash screen for Omniverse Apps

  • Menu
    • - new - menu utils and hooks

    • omni.example.menu_hooks - Example how to modify menus using hooks

  • Layer Window
    • omni.kit.widget.layers - remove dependency on editor

Known Limitations

  • OM-31865 CUDA deadlocks in async host functions (MGPU only). We Have switched off MGPU mode pending resolution of this

  • OM-33027 [Create] Collision Animation Leaves A Trail For Marbles Assets

  • OM-33483 [Kit] Crashes without warning if you save to a mounted usd

  • OM-27402 Bad Console Error Numbers

  • OM-32534 [Create] Live Sync between two Creates adding cameras and selecting Fill viewport can have unexpected results

  • OM-34296 [FORUM] Render Override Settings Overwrites Previous Frame Sequence

  • OM-34263 [Create] Selecting Create Camera from View when in a Reallusion usd make a camera at an odd position

  • OM-34255 Menu does not persist when right clicking on any checkpoint

  • OM-34254 [Create] Save Thumbnail Doesn’t Show Until You Relaunch Create

  • OM-34239 Ramp Modulators: Cannot clear ramp modulator after setting

  • OM-34191 Hang after clicking on material in looks folder

  • OM-34187 [Create] Right Click To Move Camera Brings Up Right Click Menu

  • OM-34175 [Create] Right Clicking Empty Space Shows Menu For Right Clicking A File

  • OM-34166 Dragging mdl into looks folder hides Mesh

  • OM-34160 High load times for big pointcloud stages from Nucleus

  • OM-34140 [Create] Long Load Time For Viewport

  • OM-34138 [Create] Hang Opening A Folder From Content Browser

  • OM-34137 [Kit] Externally deleting sublayer’s usd file of opened live stage in Kit fails

  • OM-34136 [Create] Dragged in Assets Numbered Differently When Comparing Viewport to Stage

  • OM-34129 Content browser refuses to delete exported USD folder and file

  • OM-34119 Content browser search bar crashes after few tries with an error

  • OM-34116 Content browser search bar is typing above search after the first try

  • OM-34108 [Create] Remove The Ability To Click And Drag Files From Open File Window

  • OM-34071 OmniSurfaceBlendBase and OmniHairBase missing from Material Editor

  • OM-34067 Materials shows wrong SubIdentifier in Material Graph

  • OM-34049 Material Assignment from Material Editor broken

  • OM-34035 Property editor displays MDL parameter ranges incorrectly

  • OM-33956 Vmaterials loads in old thumbnails first in materials browser

  • OM-33941 Crash around save snapshot warning

  • OM-33926 [Create] Create menu drop down is between Edit and File

  • OM-33925 [Create] Ungrouping objects can cause UI disruption in the Stages Panel

  • OM-33921 Particle System: Point instancers in create issues with authoring

  • OM-33900 Enable subfolders/subcategories in Material Browser

  • OM-33857 We should not show a warning for when checkpoints are not available for a file - at least not for regular users

  • OM-33287 Any active Vive controller trackpad adjusts camera

  • OM-33284 Two comment fields when saving a checkpoint

  • OM-33282 material drag/drop can create paths with double slashes

  • OM-33254 property window will respond to selection events even when it’s hidden

  • OM-33205 Scroll bar of delete file prompt is useless (content browser)

  • OM-33168 Live Preview loses noodles and doesn’t preview

  • OM-33091 Particle System: Moving Sprite out of prototypes causes rendering jitter.

  • OM-32902 Thumbnail Doesn’t Generate For Marbles Asset on OV-content

  • OM-32884 Relationship Picker is missing Name column

  • OM-32691 Connection error shown for local hard drive

  • OM-32678 Many errors and python failure with no-window

  • OM-32601 Kit UI slows down with heavy geometry but simple material graphs

  • OM-32501 thumbnail preference is turned to off by default

  • OM-32448 Removing bookmarks and destroying Filepicker instance causes an error

  • OM-32344 OmniPBR giving errors in Kit on Linux

  • OM-32324 URL is hardcoded in omni.kit.window.provide_feedback

  • OM-32282 error on save, looks like thumbnail service

  • OM-32251 omni.ui.Widget.scroll_here_y does not scroll accurately if not in full screen

  • OM-32249 Controller/Device Tracking Reset button crashes Create XR

  • OM-32193 Reset layout option creates the wrong Layout

  • OM-32162 can’t rename camera primitives in stage

  • OM-32159 F’ key doesn’t consistently work when trying to frame objects

  • OM-32156 Unable to store calibration values between app launches

  • OM-32144 w, a, s, d keys are not working when deepwall is enabled

  • OM-32068 Cache errors encountered when loading USD

  • OM-32004 File dialog doesn’t deal with typing in directories correctly

  • OM-31992 SWH ringbuffer seems to be deleting elements in wrong order

  • OM-31978 .abc file won’t open in create from ov-content, but WILL open if you have it downloaded to your local disk

  • OM-31975 Download folder operation behavior problem

  • OM-31938 fails to load

  • OM-31930 if your scene does not have a top level world prim, you can’t create lights or shaders

  • OM-31929 right click & open for Alembic cache will bring in the .abc file without a top level world prim

  • OM-31867 [Kit] Movement a large bunch of prims will hang kit

  • OM-31793 scene visualization notice listener to support parenting and save stage

  • OM-31788 water material is red & not working

  • OM-31728 Adding a character and animation clip to a stage kills existing particle systems.

  • OM-31663 [Create] Orange Drag In Gizmo Icon Remains Even After Asset Is Done Loading

  • OM-31644 [View] Paint and Paint bundle extensions labeled the same

  • OM-31637 [Create] Errors When Bringing In Tree Assets

  • OM-31498 MDL Editor: Set Display Color doesn’t do the correct thing on the Delegate

  • OM-31437 review handling of assets after release cycle

  • OM-31072 [Create] extreme pixelation on grey surface after creating a cone with live sync on

  • OM-30851 [Create] Crashes if you resize the window while it’s loading

  • OM-30832 texture load errors in Create XR 2021.2.0-dl.4

  • OM-30823 opaque_for_mouse_events does not work

  • OM-30758 opaque_for_mouse_events takes no effect to tooltip

  • OM-30727 [Create] TimeSample Editor Scrolls back Up After Clicking Any Button

  • OM-30724 [Create] Unparenting an Asset With No Parent Changes The Name Of The Asset

  • OM-30699 Window size does not adjust to collapsible frame when using <height=ui.Fraction(1)>

  • OM-30649 editing 2500+ crashes undo

  • OM-30647 Property window callback order seems to result in crash when running through automated test

  • OM-30557 Materials load pink on Referenced Objects

  • OM-30553 Cant see full path name in Stage

  • OM-30549 Duplicate (empty) USD created in Content Browser when a USD is overwritten with connector tools.

  • OM-30548 Only allowed to render <10,000 frames sequentially - very limited support for file naming

  • OM-30540 [Create] Saving and Loading Layouts has unexpected results

  • OM-30504 Kit prompts to save stages when no changes have been made.

  • OM-30344 Applying rigid body to point instancer prototype sometimes does not work until stage is reloaded

  • OM-30332 Kit freezes when adding a new layer using Sdf

  • OM-30319 Snap Window cutoff

  • OM-30302 Create can’t load from mapped network drives in Windows

  • OM-30265 Content browser starts with chooser icon in wrong state

  • OM-30259 Console Output (Tab) in Create is Inconsistent with Kit Log Found in File Explorer

  • OM-30139 some minor changes to how the movie export handles naming for the mp4’s

  • OM-29976 [Create] Broken prim doesn’t help me find what’s broken

  • OM-29974 [Create] duplicate fails if Instanceble or reference

  • OM-29972 [Create] VM didnt utilize mgpu

  • OM-29971 [Zero G] no reset behavior

  • OM-29970 [Create] References hard to track down

  • OM-29968 [create] assets are added at origin because of Instanceble flag

  • OM-29967 [Create] Layers operations are slow

  • OM-29951 Create crash with verbose log

  • OM-29805 Copy and Paste Issues in Content Browser

  • OM-29801 Camera lags from rendering when attached to animated objects

  • OM-28540 Don’t show tooltip when there are no sub-folders in the content browser breadcrumbs section

  • OM-28279 [Create] Long Wait Times For Marbles Assets

  • OM-25500 [Create] Closing Stage From Console Should Prompt Save Window

  • OM-25485 Kit UI - Add support for menu item labelled group separator

  • OM-25457 Property window scroll resets on the Ramp widget manipulation.

  • OM-24096 Click Button on Custom Collapsable Frame Header Collapse/Expand the Frame Itself

  • OM-24035 [Create] Downloading Folder Left Out Some Files

  • OM-23737 [Create] Users cannot rename folders

  • OM-18814 Crash when setting interpolation type on Marbles night stage (workaround in place)


  • OM-8935 Incorrect refresh/crashes when deactivating/reactivating UsdSkel prims

  • OM-34551 [Linux][Create] Centos cannot join in live edit

  • OM-34529 No Import dialog in Create

  • OM-34526 Kit | The audio preferences menu hangs for a few seconds when you use ALSA

  • OM-34524 Exception when selecting a prim

  • OM-34520 Sublayer names are not as readable as they could be - should use un-escaped filename as label

  • OM-34513 Domelight turns black when dragging in material on stage without root

  • OM-34505 Cloud XR Plugin crashes on Ubuntu 18

  • OM-34502 Create deleting usd stage contents on live sync re-export from 3DS Max.

  • OM-34492 Add Reference dialog no longer lists checkpoints

  • OM-34490 Crash when loading the map in debug build

  • OM-34489 Crash when selecting skinned mesh

  • OM-34474 URLs should be displayed as a more readable string

  • OM-34461 Popup dialogs that are larger than the application itself cannot be resized as-is

  • OM-34459 Its possible for content tree view not to update properly

  • OM-34454 [Create] Export Doesn’t Export The Materials

  • OM-34451 Hot reloading OGN nodes doesn’t remove deleted nodes from the node menus

  • OM-34449 Basic Instancing fails

  • OM-34411 Omnigraph graphs not parented to prims will change from “execution” to “push”

  • OM-34408 Import dialog does not list checkpoints

  • OM-34396 with a new scene & nothing done, should not get a “would you like to save” dialogue when opening another scene

  • OM-34395 CRASH: easy repro: open scene, made a file new scene, opened scene again & crashes

  • OM-34392 file new & see two warnings + 1 error

  • OM-34381 Stage Not Jumping to Selection

  • OM-34379 [Create] Sun Study Light Source Not Moving For Night Sky

  • OM-34378 On Screen Alerts Need Min Time on Screen (with option)

  • OM-34363 Movie Maker: RTX renderer no longer works after rendering a sequence with Iray

  • OM-34362 Movie Maker: Doesn’t restore the hud display when done

  • OM-34360 Movie Maker: No feedback when capturing a single frame

  • OM-34355 Dragging a USD file into new stage generates errors

  • OM-34342 The “Set Hide From Camera” Rendering feature does not work on groups.

  • OM-34338 Content browser right click selects wrong item

  • OM-34337 Camera directional control broken when camera inertia is set to 0

  • OM-34336 Camera movement via Alt->(Mouse buttons) keeps going after release

  • OM-34334 Turning path-traced fog on sometimes crashes.

  • OM-34333 Crash when opening file containing path-traced fog in path-trace mode.

  • OM-34332 Crash when removing a sublayer

  • OM-34331 Right-click + dragging to orbit the Viewport camera always opens right-click menu

  • OM-34328 [Create] Export Doesn’t Export The Lights

  • OM-34326 Cannot drag-n-drop from Content Browser’s Checkpoint listing

  • OM-34325 [Create] Create Hang/Crashes If You Open New Stage Right After You Drag In An Asset

  • OM-34324 Cannot set Checkpoint in Open Dialog

  • OM-34323 Cannot set Checkpoint in Property Pane

  • OM-34318 [Create] Unable to select objects after deleting four objects with Live Sync On

  • OM-34303 silent request for credentials

  • OM-34298 [Create] Able to enter an existing folder name when creating a new one. Confuses the browser.

  • OM-34190 [Create] Grid Toggle Shortcut Doesn’t Work After Rotating Camera In Full Screenmode

  • OM-33954 Clicking on material field breaks material

  • OM-33951 Create is generating ABSOLUTE texture paths from MDLs in USD

  • OM-33727 Flatcache Crashes if attribute is accessed in timeline stage update callback when a new stage is created in “Play” state

  • OM-33439 Crashing when painting multiple assets at once

  • OM-32530 Omniverse Create hangs when a connection is terminated on the Nucleus Cloud side

  • OM-30172 [Create] Xform edits in Stage are not all stored as deltas in authoring layer

  • OM-22339 Can’t find basic Python API documentation from within Create

  • OM-17946 Kit crashes randomly when clicking on localhost server

  • OM-33957 Drag and drop material not auto setting subidentifier

  • OM-33642 OmniSurface struggling in beta 10: won’t load, then second time hung machine. Third & fourth time all good.

  • OM-33633 Property Pane not considering Variant a common attribute when multiselecting

  • OM-33608 Enabling an extension that depends on a non-toggleable extension should prompt restart.

  • OM-33596 Add restart prompt to kit-pointclouds extension on a failed import

  • OM-33581 can not create a camera from view if have a camera from Maya selected

  • OM-33567 Kit search fails and generate errors on console

  • OM-33566 [Create] The Top Sorting Bar Of Content Browser Doesn’t Block You From Selecting Files

  • OM-33558 Create crashes when setting scale to zero on relatively large mesh

  • OM-33479 [Create] Mount vs Browser generate different paths

  • OM-33469 Extreme Memory Usage of Point Cloud Feature

  • OM-33446 Incoherent Thumbnail Display in Content/Materials Browser

  • OM-33434 [Create] Materials can fail to load properly if you disconnect and reconnect the shader

  • OM-33406 [Create] Highlighted selection is odd with multiple objects in Property Panel

  • OM-33403 [Create] List of folders not seen when expanding the Users folder in the content browser on ov-rc

  • OM-33365 [Create] /NVIDIA mount folders don’t expand/collapse

  • OM-33328 horizontal aperture should update vertical when changed

  • OM-33325 The Users ACL Is Not Inherited From The Folder Level

  • OM-33286 5.1 Audio not working in Create

  • OM-33264 [Create] Assign material option is not consistently available

  • OM-33235 [Create] Deleting a material and undoing it has unexpected results

  • OM-33224 reshade movie renders at wrong resolution

  • OM-33223 Copying and pasting files and folders in the content browser is not working.

  • OM-33189 [Create] With “show colliders” activated, structures distort when left idle

  • OM-33122 [Create] Reseting renders settings does not work with Iray

  • OM-33109 [Create] Content Browser Stops Working

  • OM-32978 [Create] Moving a usd to a new folder break materials if they are made from the material editor

  • OM-32973 spaces in names should automatically add an underscore_for_me

  • OM-32953 user prompted about saving when nothing has changed

  • OM-32935 [Create] Content Search Bar Breaks If You Erase Some Text With Backspace

  • OM-32931 [Create] Transforms Should Not Round When Typing In Specific Decimals

  • OM-32914 [Create] Select Bound Objects Doesn’t Select Anything From Layers Tab

  • OM-32901 [Create] Sometimes the Materials tab on the Asset Browser fails to load materials

  • OM-32815 Create crashes on generating thumbnails on local drive

  • OM-32748 something caused my hard drive to fill up by copying the directory over and over again

  • OM-32625 [Create] A Car I Exported From 3DS Max Rotates Incorrectly

  • OM-32088 Flow shadows not working in RT mode when dome lighting is enabled

  • OM-31612 Scrolling has an odd behavior in the console window

  • OM-30934 Stage Widget: rename doesn’t handle spaces

  • OM-30822 Collect Tool showing browser in file select mode when asking for a directory

  • OM-34327 [Create] Default Name For New Stages Fail To Export