Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Date: October 2022

Material improvements


UsdPreviewSurface now supports unitless emissive texture map values. Previously, the RTX and Iray renderers assumed that map values were in Nits. Emissive units is not specified in the USD specification and in HdStorm and other renderers, the textured value is often the final exposed RGB value in the image.

In 2022.3.0 emissive values are scaled such that their value is equal to the output RGB image for our default camera Exposure

Camera Exposure







Distant Light

UsdPreviewSurface supports UsdTransform2d and UsdPrimvarReader nodes

MDL Reloading

Omniverse will now dynamically re-load changes to MDL source, updating the MDL database and re-compile the material.


Omniverse adds the base OmniPBR template model to the Material Editor. You can now map and modify inputs directly to the base material model to create custom MDL materials.

Material Editor

Authors can now add their own materials and functions to the Material Editor Node List.

MaterialX Read supports

Omniverse supports reading of .mtlx material documents.

RTX - Common


  • Changed default slider range for FFT bloom scale to be more practical

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “Geometries with time-varying primvars can crash”

  • Fixed “Incorrect computation of the max theoratical mip count”. Previously, textures could appear slightly lower resolution than intended if Texture Max Resolution was lower.

  • Fixed “Crash after changing Texture Streaming Memory Budget on Vulkan”

  • Fixed “Section tool: masked-part looks dark instead of invisible”

  • Fixed “Scene reload is required to see updated camera clipping value”

  • Fixed “Sometimes the render settings are lost during a Save As”

Known issues

  • Closing the application while a material is loading may hang the application.

RTX - Real-Time

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “Scaled Curve Primitives lead to incorrect rendering”

  • Fixed “With Eco Mode turned on, changing Focus Distance or F-Stop does not update the view”

Known issues

  • SSS sometimes has bright sparkles.

  • Dark bands are visible on sky mesh when both “Global Volumetric Effects” and Translucency “Fractional Cutout Opacity” are enabled.

  • Textures are not supported in Rect Lights unless Sampled Direct Lighting is enabled.

RTX - Interactive (Path Tracing)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “When using UsdPreviewSurface, cutout parts sometimes appear black.”

  • Fixed “Scaled Curve Primitives lead to incorrect rendering.”

Known issues

  • Some AOVs cannot be enabled in the Render Settings.

RTX - Accurate (Iray)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “Animated materials look incorrect”

  • Fixed “Crash can occur when reading string settings.”

  • Fixed “Artifacts with normal map rendering while texture compression is set to Medium.”