Edit MenuΒΆ

The edit menu contains useful editing tools like cut, copy and paste along with a selection of more advanced capabilities.

Menu Items




Reverts your changes, newest to oldest


Reverts your most recent change


Creates a memory/performance friendly copy of an asset at the cost of asset flexibility.


Make a copy of the referenced asset, without layer changes,
to current selected layer

Duplicate All Layers

Make a copy of the referenced asset, with all layer changes,
to their own layer

Duplicate Collapsed

Combine changes from all layers, disconnect the reference
relationship and make a new object on current selected layer


Creates an X form and nests selected assets under the X Form.


Removes nesting of selected asset.

Group Selected

Puts all selected assets into a group container


Delete the entity that is currently selected in the stage


Positions the viewport, centered on the selected mesh

Toggle Visibility

Hides / Shows selected items in the viewport

Un-hide All

Returns all hidden assets to visible in your scene

Hide Unselected

Hides all assets that are not selected

Toggle Visualization Mode

Toggles between standard visualization mode and de-clutter visualization mode

Capture Screenshot

Takes a screen capture