Defined in carb/audio/IAudioData.h

constexpr DataFlags carb::audio::fDataFlagDecode = 0x40000000

decode the sound’s full data into PCM at load time.

The full stream will be converted to PCM data immediately when the new sound data object is created. The destination PCM format will be chosen by the decoder if the SoundDataLoadDesc::pcmFormat value is set to SampleFormat::eDefault. If it is set to one of the SampleFormat::ePcm* formats, the stream will be decoded into that format instead. This flag is valid to specify when loading a sound data object through the asset loader system. However, if it is used when loading an asset, the original asset data will only be referenced if it was already in a PCM format. Otherwise, it will be decoded into a new buffer in the new sound data object. If both this flag and fDataFlagStream are specified, this flag will take precedence. If neither flag is specified, this one will be implied.